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Mexican Seafood in Grand Prairie at Agua Azul

Whole red snapper cooked in foil

I realized a little too late that the Uptown Theater I purchased tickets to was in Grand Prairie, not in the Uptown neighborhood of Dallas, where I live. Always up for an adventure, I decided to make the most of my mistake — eat someplace on Main Street, Grand Prairie before the show. Surely a Main Street anywhere has something worth eating, right?

I hit up the city’s website for a recommendation after discovering D’s own couldn’t help and chose Agua Azul. The restaurant’s website read “Mexican Seafood.” “I don’t know what ‘Mexican Seafood’ is,” I wrote my dining companion, “but I am willing to find out.”

The restaurant is within sight of the theater’s neon marquee, though on a cold, dark night you might not want to walk the distance between the two. It was a festive welcoming: piñatas dangling from the ceiling, a merry Mexican soundtrack, walls painted like underwater scenes, and heart-shaped balloons leftover from Valentine’s Day filled the space, which includes a long bar and many more tables that first meet the eye. I noticed we were the only non-Hispanics in the joint — a fact that would remain mostly true for our entire visit (a lone Caucasian gentleman did sit down right as we were leaving).

I started with the ceviche tostada, which was merely catfish and chopped tomatoes in lime juice with a side of iceberg lettuce and a couple of slices of avocado. It was tart and light and the tostada stayed crispy under the fish for the duration of the meal.

For my main course I ate a fish called Wanda. No, sorry. I ate a dish called papayot, a whole red snapper baked in tin foil and served with “house rice.” The fish was huge and gorgeous and cooked to perfection with veggies – carrots, zucchini, yellow squash, broccoli – inside its packet. I especially appreciated how the carrots under the fish had caramelized a bit on the foil. Sausage bits gave the rice a nice smoky flavor. There were also bits of carrots and baby shrimp in the rice. But overall it was too salty to be edible. I ate every last bit of that fish, however.

If you’re the less adventurous sort, as my dining partner was, there are fajitas, quesadillas, and even a burger. But I’d stick with the fish if I were you. And maybe look at the address before you buy tickets to something with Uptown in the name.

425 E. Main St.
Grand Prairie

4 comments on “Mexican Seafood in Grand Prairie at Agua Azul

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  2. Went to Agua Azul last year after a photography exhibit at Uptown and really liked it.

    Might be one of the best restaurants between D and FW–

  3. I have been there – we found it by accident looking for something to eat in the vicinity of the Verizon Theater before a concert. We were also the only non-hispanics there, but it was pretty good, and a fun adventure if nothing else. They had live music that night as well.

  4. That place is right down the street from my house and I’ve only eaten there once. It’s mediocre at best. There used to be a great place closer to the Uptown called Nina’s, but it’s since gone out of business and been replace by another restaurant that hasn’t opened for months yet.