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10 comments on “Food Feedback Friday

  1. The new Pot Squared taco @ Good2Go is off the chain – pot roast, smashed potatoes, and queso on a tortilla. It comes with pico but I think it works better without.

  2. While the special $100 a plate valentines dinner at Abacus was tasty, I was not impressed by having to share my dessert. For $100, I should have my OWN dessert. Plus, there was nothing on the menu indicating I would have to share.

  3. Sunday brunch at Crossroads Diner (Walnut Hill/Central), busy, but it moved really quickly. Tried the BLT and the server suggested adding an egg – y.u.m.. It should be on the menu that way Tommy, just saying.

    Valentine’s lunch at Jasper’s in Plano. The soup and rotisserie turkey club were great, and the service was outstanding even though it was on the later side and they were getting ready for a busy night.

    I don’t eat sushi, but had takeout Vegetable Roll from Sushi Star (Preston/Royal). I think I love it second best (KU Sushi’s Veggie Tempura roll nudges it just out).

  4. I had a fabulous meal (there were 12 of us!) at Mr. Mesero this past weekend. Mico was there to greet and personally take care of us, and no matter what Leslie “The Hatchet” Brenner has to say, the food was spot on. We we all definitely be back, and based on the lines and wait, Mico has a HUGE HIT on his hands!

  5. That BLT at Crossroads is awesome. I add a fried egg and avocado and it is ridiculously good – not to mention HUGE. Only available after 11am, though. I’d love to see it added to the breakfast menu. My thighs, however, would not.

  6. Checked out Central 214 on V-Day night but opted to eat off the regular menu. Awesome! Some of the most inventive, unusual food I’ve had in a long time. Scotch-egg! WTF! Scotch egg here in Dalllas and it was good! Dinosaur kale salad was one of the best salads I do believe I ever had. Just damned different and tasty and interesting and NOT MUSSELS. Then there was the blood sausage ravioli – again, wtf? We grew up poor so we ate offal all the time so seeing it transformed into this dark, moody Dracula melange was just plain wacko and great and cool.

    Triple cooked French fries anyone? Yes it can happen and OMG num num good.

    Graham Dodds is really making some fun, interesting tasty food at his new home. Long may he reign.

  7. Went to Off Site Kitchen today for lunch. Nick B has nailed it yet again. Had the murph burger w fries and it was awesome. It pains me to say that burger may be better than Maple and Motor.

  8. Got the Vegetale pizza at Cane Rosso. Very good and fresh, but I missed the Jimmy’s sausage. Won’t make that mistake again. And the peche guglio (I know I misspelled it) continues to be my new favorite dessert of 2012, even though it isn’t seen on the menu.

    Finally got to Maple and Motor for a burger. I like the nice crunchy snap of the char. Not an instant classic like Angry Dog’s burger, but still very tasty. The onion rings are good as well, just a little too salty.

  9. Dinner at Meddlesome Moth. Split Shrimp and Grits (best in Dallas), Butternut Squash Rissotto, Snapper special, Pork Belly and Crab Fritters. Everything was great except the Crab Fritters, which were only average. Reasonably Priced as well (food for three plus 2 beers each for $93).

    Also went to Union Bear. Was pleasantly surprised. Had the truffle salami and honey salami pizzas. Both were fairly reasonably priced at $15, and rather large (more than enough for 1 person, not quite big enough for 2). All draft beers are $5 as well.

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