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11 comments on “Food Feedback Friday

  1. Tim Love’s Woodshed Smokehouse in cowtown. 5 stars! The food, service, atmosphere is outstanding. Chef Tim was in the kitchen, and to our surprise he served the appetizers we ordered! Woodshed has a spacious outdoor area with live music. I would highly recommend the place

  2. You’ll be shocked to learn I, once again, had something amazing at Tei-An – check this special out – on the menu this weekend: Cod “Marshmallow” stuffed with Uni, and Jidori Yolk Ravioli with Beurre Blans and Uni-Shallot Jus.

  3. I cooked up a damn fine (if I do say so myself) winter vegetable stew using ingredients from Greenling’s local box. So glad that convenient, organic grocery delivery has come to Dallas.

  4. Bruno Davaillon rocked a Carbonara ravioli with mushrooms, eggy goodness and all sorts of amazing flavor. It was Tuesday night and the place was packed.

  5. This week we enjoyed a delicious dinner at Mughlai. It was Superbowl night (we watched the game on their TV) and we literally had the place to ourselves.
    They couldn’t of been nicer. Aside from what we ordered, they kept bringing out small dishes for us to try (on the house). It was great fun and of course, their Indian food has to be the best in Dallas and, their staff and owner are wonderful!

    Lunch at Farnatchi. The new owner greatly enlarged the menu but kept the cooks, thank goodness! I hadn’t been in for a while but they all remembered me.
    I had a delicious, tangy veggie pressed panini with feta cheese. Delicious and, cheap! $8.00. As good as Farnatchi was before, I think under the new ownership, it’s even better! I’m glad I live close by. I look forward to returning soon.

  6. I forgot. I had lunch at Pecan Lodge in Shed 2 at the Dallas Farmers Market today. Their incredible, smoky moist BBQ brisket melts in the mouth and beats anyone else’s BBQ in Dallas INCLUDING, Lockhart Smokehouse!
    I was bummed because, after I sat down and started eating, I first noticed the sign saying they had Wagyu brisket today. Bummer! Oh well, I did really enjoy my (regular) brisket.

  7. crummy meal at patrizio’s. forced to eat there bc all the other restaurants in HPV were packed.

    On the other hand, Sundown is a gem. The food (the whole locavore thing) is innovative and fun. Plenty of vegetarian and even vegan options, though they also serve steak.

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