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Making Dallas Even Better

CampO Modern Country Bistro Names New Chef: Josh Black

We all knew it was coming. Since day one, CampO Modern Country Bistro has been clear on the fact that consulting chef Matt McCallister was just that: consulting chef. Today, John Paul Valverde, co-owner of CampO and Coevál Studio, announced the new  chef will be Josh Black, whose culinary experience includes The Cedar Social and […]

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Michelle Obama and Top Chefs Promote Healthy Food in Dallas

[Ed. Note: Thanks to Carol for this report. Plus, she took all of the photos. She says: “ Big cameramen were blocking me so I had to crawl under people and touched a lot of legs] First Lady Michelle Obama made a pit stop in Dallas this morning to promote her project, Let’s Move! inside […]

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Kinky Friedman in Dallas Sunday at Allgood Cafe: Singing and Slinging His Man in Black Tequila

“This is not New Age Mexican Mouthwash like some of the stuff that has reached the market over the past 20 years or so,” Kinky said. “It is not smoothed out by multiple filtering and tailored to what some marketing guys think Americans want.  It’s the real deal and naturally smooth because we start with […]

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Eat This Now: Tamale Tart at Stephan Pyles in Dallas

Imagine for one second that you happened to forget that it was Valentine’s Day next week.  Maybe you were busy at work, maybe you were simply swamped with World of Warcraft, who cares.  You forgot and now your wife  is giving you the what for. I know how you feel, I’ve been there before.  There’s […]

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