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Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Restaurant Memory Lane

This plea from another Disher suffering from restaurant memory loss:

I am trying to recollect the name of a restaurant that was operating in the 1970’s and 80’s located on the Circle – it was rather exclusive (and if my memory serves me correctly – required reservations). Probably around 1979, family members took my nephew there for his high school graduation dinner – and recently we were sitting around discussing that event – and guess what?  Not a one of us could recall the name of the restaurant.

Southern Kitchen?

11 comments on “Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Restaurant Memory Lane

  1. Thanks Amy.

    According to, “the circle” ceased to exist sometime between 1972 and 1979. It certainly doesn’t look like a locale for an upscale establishment.

  2. Oh yeah, Southern Kitchen is what I was thinking also!! My family always went there for celebrations. We went to the east NW High local though.

  3. Yep it would be Southern Kitchen with the very proper southern waiters. I still really wish they would have sold out or moved instead of closing.

  4. Southern Kitchen brings back great food memories. $3.95 for more food than anyone could ever eat including, oysters! Remember the sticky rolls?

  5. Yep – Southern Kitchen – used to go there for xmas eve or something over the holidays – – think of that when I drive by there, in much the same way I will yearn for Whirly Ball now….