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Making Dallas Even Better

Bolsa Mercado’s Open House to Showcase Deep Ellum Brewery Beer. Oh, and Sharon Hage Will Create “Take Home Dinner For Two”

Bolsa Mercado is officially a talent hog. It’s great if you happen to be cool (rich?) enough to live in The “fabulous” OC. However, it sucks for those of us who have to walk half a mile through a huge chain grocery store to buy a carton of milk. Or beer.

Deep Ellum Brewery has just released their first (only?) production of “Love Runs Deep” Cherry Chocolate Double Brown Stout (deets below). Think you’ll find it at Tom Thumb? Nope. Bolsa Mercado bought the entire batch. Each 22-ounce bottle is individually numbered and made with red tart and dark sweet cherries and Organic/Fair Trade cocoa nibs. Expect to find all 300 of them on the shelves of Bolsa Mercado during their next Open House on February 11.

If you can’t wait until the 11th to get a food fix from The ‘Cado, head over on February 8. If you are lucky, you may be able to look past talented chef chefs Jeff Harris and Matt Balke and spot the rare, elusive chef Sharon Hage in the kitchen. She will be creating a “Take Home Dinner For Two.” Who knows, by then Bolsa Mercado may have Alan McClure creating Fudgesicles or Grant Achatz doing dishes. Could happen. Pigs fly in Oak Cliff.


8% ABV 27 IBUs

Our logical offering for a passionate time of year.

Who says Brewers can’t pluck your heartstrings? We’ll play right to your heart (and

palette and belly) by taking our already smooth and rich Double Brown Stout and taking

out to a night on the town. By adding real Red Tart and Dark Sweet Cherries at the

beginning of fermentation and **(Organic/Fair Trade) cocoa nibs at the end of

conditioning, once a year we treat our Double Brown Stout lavishly. Don’t be a selfish

lover, share with this someone special.

Style: Cherry Chocolate Baltic Porter

Hops: US Goldings, Mt. Hood, US Northern Brewer, Summit

Malts: Pale Ale, Munich light, Brown, Munich Dark, Oats, Crystal Rye, Extra Dark

Crystal, Dehusked Chocolate

Yeast: California Lager

Other: Blackstrap Molasses, Red Tart & Dark Sweet Cherry Puree’, Cocoa Nibs

Packages: 50L, 1/6th bbl

  • matt

    rich? lol. no, just smart. wouldnt live anywhere else in this town

  • Adam

    I like that Bolsa Mercado makes for the perfect bike ride from East Dallas. Good workout, and great motivation for the bountiful rewards that await at the destination. Try that sometime instead of your onerous half mile walk, Nancy ;-).

  • ghazal

    rich? what parts of oc are you going to?! :)

  • Bolsa Mercado

    Thanks Nancy.

    No plans to have Alan at Mercado yet. We do carry his chocolate though…
    As soon as we have a menu from Sharon, we will let you know.

  • Joel

    Does anyone know much will these run? And if there will be a limit per customer? Thank you!

  • JM

    And how many will be given out on 2/8 versus on 2/11?
    & what time do we need to show up on 2/11?
    first come first serve, or other?

  • John Reardon

    John here, from the brewery… I believe these will retail at $14.99 on Saturday (still tbd). A bit of history with this beer – First off, there were absolutely no shortcuts taken. The cherries came pureed direct from Oregon and the cocoa nibs came from Patric Chocolate, one of the few bean to bar chocolatiers in America. We will be hand bottling and hand labeling each individual bottle. They will be numbered, and once they are gone, they are gone. This beer will also be available in draft, so if you miss out on the bottles, I highly recommend tracking down a glass. It’s a little slice of cherry chocolate heaven! Thank you Bolsa Mercado for the support – we are looking very forward to releasing this beer to the world.

  • milkandcookies

    ooh Sharon doing dinners for 2!
    sign me up pronto!

  • Joel

    Can’t wait to try this John!

  • Joel

    Very cool event, and a fantastic beer. I may have come for DEBC, but I’ll be back this weekend for all the great things I saw on your shelves. :)