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Making Dallas Even Better

Trinity Groves Report: Phil Romano Wants to Change the Way the World Views Dallas Food

See the nice looking man in the picture? That is Phil Romano. See the painting in the background? That is one artist’s interpretation of Phil Romano’s brain when he is working on a project. Phil Romano, Larry “Butch” McGregor, and Stuart Fitts are working on Trinity Groves an enormous development on the west side of […]

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Big Dog Wine Tastings Program Resumes at Pappas Bros. Steakhouse in Dallas

I’m glad that Pappas Bros. Steakhouse really uses their massive wine cellar. While other high-end eateries present highly populated lists or display a large inventory of wine, Pappas Bros. services their customers and parlays their 2,000+ choice cellar into multiple formats of wine tastings. One of the best is the monthly tasting of several wines […]

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What To Drink, and Give, Now: Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, the mind turns to finding the perfect way to say I love you. Though jewelry is always sure to please; unique, personal gifts that speak directly to your sweetie mean everything, especially when that gift comes in a bottle. Here are a few ideas, some sent for editorial […]

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Multiple Food Truck Events Plus The February 6 Schedule in Dallas

The food trucks are learning that teaming up to have multiple trucks at one location brings more customers than a lone food truck parked at a street corner.  These aren’t “special events”, such as the Summer Sigel’s event, or an Arts District event, but rather, the truck owners collaborating on locations.  It’s a win-win for […]

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Men Will Be Boys: Finalists Announced for “Name a Pizza for Mike Napoli” Contest at Cane Rosso

It was bound to happen: pizza lover and baseball writer, Evan Grant, finally met pizza maker and baseball lover, Jay Jerrier. The twosome came up with a publicity stunt. (SHOCKER) They invented “Name a Pizza for Mike Napoli” contest. (If you don’t know who Napoli is, you can go back to work.) If you love […]

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Bolsa Mercado’s Open House to Showcase Deep Ellum Brewery Beer. Oh, and Sharon Hage Will Create “Take Home Dinner For Two”

Bolsa Mercado is officially a talent hog. It’s great if you happen to be cool (rich?) enough to live in The “fabulous” OC. However, it sucks for those of us who have to walk half a mile through a huge chain grocery store to buy a carton of milk. Or beer. Deep Ellum Brewery has […]

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