Taco News: Rusty Taco and ocaTaco in Dallas

A taco-loving Disher asked me about two new taco spots. He writes:

What happened to the two taco places that were supposed to open at UT Southwestern? Rusty Taco and the Maple and Motor version? Are they still in the works?

The Rusty Taco location is already up and running. They opened at 5350 Harry Hines across from UTSW last October. They are also open in College Station and St. Paul, Minnesota.

I asked Jack “Harvey” Perkins of Maple and Motor for an update on ocaTaco. He replied: “We hope to take possession next Tuesday at the latest. If that happens, we can open Monday the 13th. We will open for lunch only for the first four weeks. After that it is breakfast and lunch with a full coffee/espresso bar M-F. This will be the only location we will be doing at UTSW. There will be a friends and family night some time the week of the 6th. I would invite you, but you wouldn’t come.”

9 comments on “Taco News: Rusty Taco and ocaTaco in Dallas

  1. A “friends” night for Jack Perkins could be held in one booth. Hope he has a large family.

  2. Hopefully Jack won’t mock and insult his UTSW customers on his FB page for what they are wearing or how they act like he does his M&M customers.

  3. Jack is a huge jerk and gives a bad name to restaurant and business owners, I wonder what rules he will implement at ocataco? A business owner who openly despises his employees and customers deserves to go out of business. David – had the same thought!

  4. WOW ! I ate there yesterday and he had a line out the door. Named Best Burger in Dallas how often? Created an institution in how many years? Tell me how many times you have eaten there and he was not present. He has a loyal and very successful clientele. Will be featured on Diners drive-ins and dives. You guy’s are right – that place SUCKS and Jack most be an idiot!
    He is loyal to his suppliers and has been a valued friend. He has been very helpful to me and other restaurant owners. Don’t like him or his place don’t go there – that way the line will be shorter!
    Stephen White
    Owner Company Cafe’s

  5. @stephenwhite- nobody is saying M&M doesn’t have good burgers but he’s disrespectful to paying customers — that’s pretty low class. There are lots of good burgers in Dallas and I choose not to go where the customer is not appreciated. The fact he has a line at lunch isn’t really saying a lot since there is one register and the place is tiny. 10 people make the line “out the door”.

  6. I have NEVER seen Jack be disrespectful to customers, and I have eaten at M&M at least 10 times. I enjoy his dry humor and the fact that he won’t let customers poach a table before they order. I agree with @stephenwhite – if you don’t like it, stay away so the line will be shorter.

  7. Yes Scott. Palindrome, good catch.

    Stephen, don’t worry about these people. You cannot get worked up about anonymous personal attacks. While appreciate the support, they are not worth your time or effort. This will neither affect our business nor my own self-worth.

    I’m pretty comfortable with who I am.

  8. If I had to run M&M around lunchtime, I would feel compelled to set straignt the occasional customer who isn’t mindful of other diners (ie: taking up too much space, saving tables before ordering, lounging around when there are people waiting to sit down.) If no one teachs people “fair” restaurant etiquette..who will?

    Time for hamburgers.