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Making Dallas Even Better

Yu Darvish Eats Steak and Seafood. Pie? Not So Much.

I’ve heard the new pitcher for the Rangers, Yu “Tall Drink of Water” Darvish, has dined at Del Frisco’s in Fort Worth and Truluck’s in Dallas (McKinney Ave.). I’ve tried to get through to the Rangers front office to find out what kind of pie Yu would like us to deliver to him on National Pie Day, but so far nobody is returning my calls. SHOCKER. So I did some research: Japanese food culture is not big on pie. In fact, the video below shows the only use they have for pie. I like it.

  • jonfromtjs

    not big on pie, but they LOVE baked goods like bagels and muffins. every corner in tokyo had some sort of cutesy french bakery with delicious baked goods…and interesting selections like “yellow curry bagels” that were not so good.

    anyone know where to get a yellow curry bagel to send Yu?

  • Floyd

    Well, we know he did not eat at Bob’s because Alan Peppard did not write about it.

  • jonfromtjs


  • Sense

    Funny video.

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