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Making Dallas Even Better

Enticed Shaved Ice Expands Fleet, Dallas Gets its First Pizza Truck: TX Delizioso

We told you about Enticed Shaved Ice in the middle of an extraordinarily hot August.  One commenter wrote: “Excellent product and friendly people.” How right they are. But shaved ice doesn’t sell well when it’s raining and windy and the temperature dips below 40 degrees. So owners and entrepreneurs Sydney Brown and Lauren Noblett decided […]

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First-Take Bar Review: Sundown at Granada

The Concept: Sundown at Granada is the Granada Theater‘s neighboring restaurant and bar with a long list of draft beers and hand-crafted cocktails. Although I’m sure you can grab a bite pre-show, I would be filled with panic watching a line get longer next door while shoveling down the last forkfulls of food and chugging […]

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The Perfect Procrastination: How To Boil an Egg

As you can tell from the headline, I am deep in the process of procrastinating. While my real job calls for thousands of words about dining, I am convinced it is far more important that I drop what I am supposed to be doing and answer a question sent to me by PR boy toy […]

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Mind Your Head: Incoming Taco Restaurant, Taco Republic, in Richardson

Ron Guest, the nice man who gave us Café San Miguel on Henderson Ave. (R.I.P.), is back in business in Richardson. Natch Teresa “GubbShoe” Gubbins is all over the story like truffle oil on fries. Gubbshoe writes Guest’s new spot, Taco Republic, is “an intriguing new spin on gringo tacos.” Expect catfish tacos, “smoky brisket […]

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What is Your Favorite Song About Food?

I have two songs permanently embedded in my head. They’ve been there for years (centuries?). They have a life of their own and flow from the deep recesses of my right cerebrum and out of my mouth without a prompt. One is “I Want to Marry a Lighthouse Keeper.”  The other is “Java Jive” as […]

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Somebody Help This Poor Boy: He Wants to Give Back to the Food Community

Just when you think that the world is filled with Big Blue Meanies armed with master computer killers, someone sends you a note and you realize there are still nice people who want to help others. Consider this lovely soul In an effort to become a “well rounded human being,” I am trying to step […]

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