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Making Dallas Even Better

Mi Cocina to Replace Matt’s Rancho Martinez in East Dallas. Matt’s Moves Down the Street!

Oh, how we all got our pancakes in a wad when we learned that Mi Cocina was taking over the Matt’s Rancho Martinez space when their lease was up in next month! Tim called it an upgrade! Eso es sandeces! Longtime Matt’s fans cried at the loss. Well, nobody has to cry any more and Tim can stop gloating: Now you can have a Mambo Taxi and Matt’s soul-soothing chiles rellenos too! Mi Cocina will take over the Matt’s space in March and Matt’s will move barely a half mile away into ACROSS THE STREET FROM the space formerly known as Molly Maguire’s on Live Oak. I love happy endings.

UPITTY DATE: Mark this day down. Tim was WRONG!

  • JMB

    I thought Matt’s was moving into the space across the street from the old Molly Maguire’s. Their “coming soon” sign is in that storefront. Or have the plans now changed?

  • tejasmom

    I thought Matts was moving into the Consignment Furniture Store location, which has moved across the street (Skillman). I guess we’ll all find out in March!

  • Nancy Nichols

    Matt’s is moving into the space across the street from Molly M’s in the consignment store space. Bad intel from Tim Rogers. Thanks, N

  • Lakewoody

    This came out about a month ago…..WE LANDED ON THE MOON

  • Nancy Nichols

    I know that now, Lakewoody. Forgive me for I have sinned. My brain only goes back so far.

  • PF

    Good to know Matt’s will remain in the area –

  • BlogGer

    I love Matts. I remember Matt from way back. He would be happy to know his restaurant was serving the same customers. Thanks for the goo news. Happy endings and all.

  • Jim Hall

    I will NEVER set foot in that Mi Cocina!! I had just as soon get an El Chorito frozen dinner from the supermarket!

  • Roscoe

    Stop the Parkie invasion of Lakewood. We don’t like the way you live. Leave us alone.