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10 comments on “Food Feedback Friday

  1. My favorite was Smoke. We tried the biscuits & gravy and the brisket hash. The biscuits were so fluffy and the gravy absolutely delicious. The brisket hash with cornbread and the poached egg on top was just what I was craving. The ambiance is so great too, I can’t wait to go back and sit at the bar and people watch.

    I also tried a little place in McKinney last night, Cheesecake Amore. Not such a great name, and we didn’t have cheesecake. The roasted shrimp in basil cream sauce was a big hit, with toasted bread to dip in the cream sauce and they offer gluten free items as well. They had 1/2 price worldly reds by the glass last night, I had the Veramonte Primus from Chile. 2 glasses of wine (very decent pours) totaled to $13.26. They also have 1/2 priced house martinis for those interested in cocktails. Should you be in the McKinney area, I highly recommend this small, quaint restaurant and wine bar…Cheesecake Amore.

  2. The “usual” for me this week. First Chinese BBQ and Cane Rosso.
    Both excellent as usual.

  3. Checked out the renovated Sea Breeze restaurant in Plano. The atmosphere is comfortable yet sterile at the same time. It was a strange vibe, honestly. But I like sterile when it comes to seafood so the meal was very fresh and good. Portions are kind of small.

    And it appears that Corner Bakery has changed their pretzel bread recipe. Not a good move, CB! I’m personally emailing you now and I’ll give you time to fix your mistake. You really don’t want to lose your biggest ham on pretzel customer do you?

  4. Pho is for Lovers – first time. Tried the chicken pho and found the broth salty and lacking deeper flavors. If I go back I will try the beef pho and hope it’s better.

    Yumi to Go – fast, fresh, tasty.

  5. Bruno Davaillon’s four-couse PĂ©rigord Truffle Tasting Menu @ The Mansion last night. Eat it and weep:

    Sweet bread and black truffle ravioli, celeriac and beef consomme
    Seared scallop with artichoke, pomegranate, mache salad and black truffle
    Slow-roasted pheasant breast, vegetable pot au feu and black truffle sauce
    Macaron mont blanc with chestnut and rum


  6. We had New Year’s Eve dinner at Rathbun’s Blue Plate Kitchen and what a sad affair that was. I guess it’s like Valentine’s Day when the wait staff are just expecting the worst, twice-a-year diners. I have had one worse NYE experience at Geronimos in Santa Fe, but this was fairly close. The food was fine. No great shakes. All felt very much like it was prepared days before so that they could serve us and get the hell out of there.

    What was worse was this nut-job waitress who did this tired, blasĂ© comic routine. It was like being served by George Carlin. She had some smart Aleck reply to everything. At first it was kind of cute and then it just got annoying. Wouldn’t have minded if it hadn’t ended up being about $275 for the two of us. Won’t be going back there -EVER.

  7. Lunch at Velvet Taco today. The cornmeal crusted oyster taco was right on the mark-as usual.
    Also tried today’s special. Batter fried tandoori chicken tenders with an Indian tika yogurt sauce in a Basmati rice filled taco shell. Good but, there was way too much rice in the shell. Needed more chicken and less rice.

  8. Didn’t eat out much this week bc i was playing w my christmas present, a tagine. Nonetheless:

    Kazy’s new recipe Ramen soup is awesome! And what a lovely experience, the owners are really working hard to polish this gem.

    Sevy’s, w my daughter … ‘business’ dinner to discuss grades. Strayed from my usual steak and ordered the salmon … given that and the topic of conversation, I’ll just say my scotch was appreciated.

    Carmine’s Pizza, coit and campbell: used to eat here a lot. first visit in years. may be that long before i visit again.

    Finally, today at lunch: Noodle House, Coit and Plano … !!!

    tomorrow: anyone want to join me at mughlai?

  9. We tried Pho is for Lovers as well. Loved the Seafood Pho with shrimp, scallops, and calamari. The soup was light and perfect. Also had the KBBQ Vermicelli with a fried egg on top and a Vietnamese Iced Coffee dripped with Cafe Du Monde. We will definitely be back!

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