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Nosh Euro Bistro in Plano is Now Open for Lunch and Brunch

Ready for your close-up, Plano?

Yow. Zah. I checked out Avner and Celeste Samuel’s new Nosh Euro Bistro location in Plano and it’s one swanky hangout. There is a ginormous 24-seat community table, counter seating in front of the open kitchen, and a wine room for private dining. Jon Stevens will be chef de cuisine. The space is 1,000 square feet larger than the original Oak Lawn location. They will be open all day every day. Hmm. Wonder how a community table will work in Plano?

Jump for photos!

Grab a seat by the kitchen if you don't want to talk to your date!

That is one big community table. In fact, it's a town table.

Fancy chalk board. Very Euro.

I'm getting that the color brown is working for Avner Samuel.

6 comments on “Nosh Euro Bistro in Plano is Now Open for Lunch and Brunch

  1. I like the up to date contemporary decor. Very smart! I would expect their food to be just as up to date as well.

  2. Real food in Plano – and across the lot from the excellent Yao Fuzi, I hope this starts a trend. When I visit my moms up in that parcel, it’s nice to have more options.

  3. Love the long table. It will make for some even more memorable Avner & Celeste fights. Epic scale chase scenes. Now that’s raising the bar on a second location.