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Ownership Shake-Up: Khanh Dao is Out of Pho Colonial in Dallas

Khanh Dao, the veteran restaurateur who was involved with Draelion, Restaurant, The Drae Lounge, Steel and Voltaire, is no longer on active duty at Pho Colonial Authentic Vietnamese Diner. Dao filed a restraining order on December 29 to prevent her partner, Phil Silva, from removing her as one of the members of the partnership. The judge denied her request.

Silva confirms Dao is out of the day-to-day operations. “She still has an interest in the business and is a stockholder in the company,” Silva says. “I tried to get her to maintain a role in the operation, remain as the face of the company, but she was unwilling to go with my program.” Silva is the majority owner. “I am trying to put some new systems in place that allow us to be profitable,” Silva says. “I had to make a decision as a majority holder to protect my investment.”

Pho Colonial opened their first location on Frankfurt Road in North Dallas in early May 2011. A second location downtown in the Wilson Building opened last August.  Both locations are busy but being busy doesn’t always insure success. “At some point, I need to make a profit,” Silva says. I’ve left a message for Ms. Dao.

7 comments on “Ownership Shake-Up: Khanh Dao is Out of Pho Colonial in Dallas

  1. We recently noticed a major change in how things are done at the Frankford location. They now have waiters taking your order from a menu you’ve received after you’ve been seated. Instead of the old, walk up to the counter and place your order from the “wall menu”. As before, servers bring your food to your table. Other than that, the same delicious Vietnamese food is coming out of the kitchen. I’ve been noticing more Asians eating there, too. A sure sign that the food is authentic.

  2. Does this mean the chicken in their titular soup won’t be tougher than leather? That’s certainly something in need of a shake-up…

  3. How does a restaurant in Downtown that has been opened since April make a profit by December?

  4. Nancy… thank you for publishing this story. I have known Khanh to be a con artist and have witness people that have dealt with her wrath. Good hard working investors that have lost thousands of dollars!!! I feel for Phil and hope he takes this to the end.

  5. “khanh artist” dao leaves behind another sour taste in the mouth of dallas diners. i dont understand how pho colonial was not making a profit when they were charging up to 2-3 times as much for the same thing as vietnam house or mais across the highway?