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Trader Joe’s Announces Two New Locations: Dallas and Plano

Where should Dallas put the Santa Monica Pier?

According to Teresa “Gumbshoe” Gubbins, a representative for Trader Joe’s told the told the DMN a store will open in the old Arcadia Theater space on Lower Greenville Avenue in the fall of 2012. A Plano location, in an old Kroger at Preston and Park, will open in the spring. The Fort Worth store at 2701 South Hulen Street and a location in a the Woodlands near Houston will open this spring. I have not been able to confirm the rumor that developer Ray Washburne plans to move the Santa Monica Pier to Highland Park Village.

13 comments on “Trader Joe’s Announces Two New Locations: Dallas and Plano

  1. Apparently one can get scoop credit for reading an article in the News? Groovy. Count me in. I read it too.

  2. Wait a sec. I saw Gubbins’ Tweet early this morning waaay before I saw it on the DMN. In fact I bet her tweet was out faster than the DMN’s tweet. …. Man, I dunno who gets credit for breaking news these days.

  3. Traffic control needs to start planning for the Dallas opening.
    Lower Greenville is one lane in each direction.

  4. Leave it to California, the leader of trends, to discover what the people in North Dallas, PC and Collin County don’t know: East Dallas is cool.

  5. Ok, what am I missing? Lower Greenville seems to be one of the worst locations of all rumored spots. Horrible traffic flow, poor parking, close to nothing significant …hmmm, I hope the rent is cheap.

    I’ll still go, but that is a very odd location.