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Joel Harrington to Leave Stephan Pyles

Joel Harrington took the executive chef position at Stephan Pyles last April. Today comes word he has put in his notice. “Joel was offered a very good job in Colorado,” Pyles says. “It was strictly a financial decision for him. I couldn’t match the offer.”  Harrington has two young kids in Dallas and would prefer to find a job and stay here, but the deal in Beaver Creek may be hard for him to pass up. “It’s nothing personal,” Harrington says. “I got a great offer and I have to make a decision quick.” Right now Harrington is scheduled to leave Pyles’ kitchen at the end of the month.

4 comments on “Joel Harrington to Leave Stephan Pyles

  1. Joel is an uber-talented Chef and a wonderful person. I had the pleasure of working with him for quite some time at Fearing’s in The Ritz-Carlton. DALLAS RESTAURATEURS: Please don’t let this guy get out of Dallas; it would be a MAJOR blow to our local food scene! Someone out there reading this should snatch Joel up — and QUICK. Beaver Creek’s gain would certainly be our loss…