Thumbs Up for Dallas City Council: Expands Food Truck Ordinance

The requirements to get a permit for operating a food truck in Dallas have never been well-defined. Until today, only trucks originally built as mobile food trucks could then operate in Dallas.  A vehicle that started life as a stepvan or a bus and was gutted and retrofitted to become a gourmet food truck was a no-no. It was impossible to get such a truck permitted.  Even trailers, such as Trailercakes’ “Bubbles” or the Hot Box, had difficulty getting a full permit.

Hello, Angela Hunt and the Dallas “Quality of Life” committee! Their  proposed changes to make Dallas a funky food truck friendly town were passed by the Dallas City Council today. You can read the QOL document here.

Jump for what it all means.

So-Cal Taco's "Woody"
Lauren Jones and Stewart Jameson

For Dallas, that means that we should soon see food trucks such as Good Karma Kitchen and So-Cal Tacos.  We’ll see Trailercakes out more often, instead of just at special events.  And perhaps, hopefully, Hot Box will resurface again.

Good Karma Kitchen (photo from Good Karma's Facebook)

2 comments on “Thumbs Up for Dallas City Council: Expands Food Truck Ordinance

  1. Thank you Angela Hunt and the Quality of Life Committe for all of your hard work and support. Game changer for the city of Dallas. We can’t tell you how thankful we are for you. Thank you George for sharing this wonderful news. Happiness IS in the frosting! xo, Bubbles & the Trailercakes Team!