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Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Great Soup in Dallas

She’s a gay old gal and she’s got plenty of aches and pains. She asks for your help.

Nancy, I need to comfort my poor old bones. Can you tell me the best places to get soup. Not just a restaurant but maybe someplace that sells it in larger quantities? I’m no gourmet. I buy the crud from the deli at Tom Thumb and it’s so salty. Thanks.

Crud from Tom Thumb? Wow, a critic to boot. I could think of a few places to tell her but that is your job. Get to it.

13 comments on “Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Great Soup in Dallas

  1. Whole foods always has a nice selection of soups. It’s a reasonable choice if you don’t want to just make your own.

  2. +1 for Wholefoods soups. They offer a large selection daily and all are delicious. Lobster chowder, chicken noodle and, cod chowder are among my favorites. Offhand, I would say there are about 16-18 choices daily at the Lomo Alto location.

  3. Soups are so easy to make…go to and find a great recipe exactly to your tastes. Only get a 3.5 to 4 fork recipe. Yes, I am lazy and like to purchase soups too….but I feel like they are never exactly what I want.

  4. Have to agree with Whole Foods and Two Sisters. Note WF Lomo Alto – there are three different soup stations: one in seafood, one in meat and one by the salad/food bars. It’s been a while but Two Sisters made the most amazing mushroom soup I’ve ever had.

  5. You can call in and order Greenz soups by the quart. Awesome soups. My favorite is cream of asparagus and I don’t even like asparagus in its usual form.

  6. Whole foods at Park Lane (sure it’s at other locations too) has two types of chicken noodle. One is traditional, but the one that’ll knock your socks off has a thicker base. I think I read the ingredients as a parmesan based broth. Um, yeah. Pretty, pretty, pretty good.

  7. Greenz also has several other soups beyond the norm of chicken tortilla (which they also have) including Pear and Pumpkin and Ancho Butternut Squash.

  8. Lunda de Noche for tortilla and Xochitl (sp?)
    Avilas has wonder pozole, as does Wild Salsa
    Green Chile stew a Chuys
    Potbelly Veggie Soups is probably the best vegtable soup I’ve had