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Sylvan | Thirty to Open “Culinary Incubator” With Chef Sharon Hage as Culinary Curator

Oh my, what a great idea and perfect timing. Today comes word that an unnamed “culinary incubator,” a space to help start-up food entrepreneurs launch their own businesses, will open when Sylvan | Thirty opens next year. Local chef Sharon Hage will be the Culinary Curator. She is, in my book, the Earth Mother.

What a great fit. Hage will help local artisans and food businesses get up and running. The focus, naturally, will be on local start-ups and chefs upping their game. Participants will pay a membership to join. They will have access to a shared commercial kitchen and retail space which will enable them to sell their products without the initial expense of building out their own space. Cox Farms Market and Matador Meat & Wine have already signed on as neighbors at Sylvan | Thirty.

I think this culinary incubator needs a proper name. Shall we give it one?

  • Jon from tjs

    “The hatchery”

  • Sylvan | Thirty

    Hit us with your best shot! We’d love to have your suggestions on names for it. Admittedly, “incubator” isn’t particularly appetizing.

  • alyb

    Jon and I are on the same page. I was just thinking “Hatch” or “Hatched.”

  • jonfromtjs

    so far i’m winning

  • Amy S

    The Dallas Gourmet Co-op.

    It sounds like it is modeled after the old food cooperatives that used to be in my home town in the 1970’s. Brilliant idea. Wish it was at the Farmer’s Market.

  • Jack Perkins

    The Harbinger

  • Kirk

    Des œufs d’oie. Just to hear how that will get pronounced by 99% of the people discussing it…

  • Snootyfoodie

    Launch Money

  • Miguel

    How about: Trend Tank in Oak Cliff

  • matt

    sounds like a sweet concept. sharon hage can do no wrong – im in love with her =)

  • milkandcookies

    Darn, have been waiting for Sharon to open up a new spot. Sigh, just call me selfish. Sounds like
    a ‘hot spot’ to me!

  • ZK

    How about “The Acorn”, off the “Oak” Cliff theme

  • Mark


  • Lowsparking

    Keep it simple…The Kitchen Co-Op.

  • Sander in San Francisco has something similar. It’s great. Really good news that one is starting up here in Dallas. Let me know if you need any help.

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