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Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Coffee Cake in Dallas

Eat this before you die. Photo courtesy of Crumbzz.

She’s a gay old gal who loves some cake with her coffee. Hear her plea:

Hi Nancy, I sent you an email last year and you suggested a certain coffee cake. I’m sorry I can’t remember where I bought it but it was yummy. Can you remember? I am having a house full of people during the holidays and like have several around and in my freezer.

Hmm. She likes to put people in her freezer? That’s kinda scary. Plus, she is relying on my memory? Right-o. Now go. (Actually I think it might have been Crumbzz. )

11 comments on “Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Coffee Cake in Dallas

  1. steins is more of a breakfast pastry with cream cheese and it is sinful!
    Corner bakery has a great one and everyone loves it.

  2. soo… are people around the freezer watching the other people be put into the freezer?

  3. Another vote for Casa Linda Bakery. They do many things well, but their coffee cake, drenched with frosting, is the best thing they make. Great on cold mornings.

  4. second that vote for Stein’s. Their pound cakes, coffee cakes and all that are always fresh and delicious. Steins choc cake was recognized as “D Mag Best” a few years ago, and did you know its Dallas’ oldest bakery? Personal bias – I LOVE STEINS! the new owners are really sweet and give great customer service.