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4 comments on “Food Feedback Friday

  1. Samar – last night. Just lovely, as always. I believe our server’s name was Ryan? In any case, he was extremely professional, as was the lovely hostess. My friend from Fort Worth can’t wait to return.

  2. Against stiff odds (and, I subsequently learned, a CraveDFW tout), Flippin’ Out Crepes on Belt Line in Addison. The Cuban crepe was good, and so was the Caprese. Not your typical creperie … more Portland than Addison.

  3. Travail Kitchen and Amusements in Robbinsdale, Minnesota. 10 course tasting menu turned into 14 course, comped a 3 course dessert tasting. Way too much to detail here, but if anyone is in the area it’s a must do. Open kitchen, chefs (and line cooks) are also the servers and “explainers”. Awesome atmosphere, if you don’t mind it being a little loud. Tasting menu for 2 =$70. And they have a great wine list. A place like this could really thrive in Dallas.

  4. Had lunch at Gio’s for the first time. Worst service I have had in years! Took 15 minutes for the waiter to take our order. Tried to order a burger on the menu but they said they don’t carry that burger anymore so went for the turkey sandwich. Waiter came back and told me they were out of turkey… Really – you’re a deli??? Well the matzo ball soup was good. Waited forever to get cheesecake and ended up having to go to the counter to get it myself. When the waiter never came to take my $$$ for the check, I went to the counter and paid myself. I’m telling you, worst service experiece I can remember… It wasn’t even busy… I will try it again though as maybe this was just a bad day…