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Somebody Help This Poor Boy: Red Sauce Italian in Dallas

I can’t believe this guy can’t find a red-sauce-centric Italian restaurant in Dallas but he claims he can’t. Well, a good one anyway. He whines:

Nancy, I hope you can ask your readers help me. I used to love Il Sorrento in Dallas. Since they closed I haven’t been able to find a good decent marinara sauce in Dallas. I like baked pastas like ziti. Delivery would be good. I live near White Rock. Thanks.

Baked ziti? I’m still looking for the DiPalma’s recipe for chicken lasagna. Y’all hit it.

21 comments on “Somebody Help This Poor Boy: Red Sauce Italian in Dallas

  1. OK, so I like that new Aboca’s (an offshoot of the original in Richardson) at Meadow and Central (northwest corner). It’s BYOB (Tom Thumb is next door and sells beer and wine). I’ve eaten there several times, while the crowd is older, it reflects the demographics of that area of North Dallas. And I’ve enjoyed everything, never had bad service. Decor? Kitschy, but not as bad as Buca di Beppo.

  2. Eddie Napoli’s is always good, they have a few locations, but I’m far east so I go to the Firewheel location. The marinara is fantastic, and they give you tons of little garlic knots…
    Tony’s is good too, although it’s been years since I’ve been! I remember garlic knots there….I hope they still have those!
    Dang, now I’m jonesing for some ziti….

  3. seriously? Angelo’s in Lakewood is about as good of a “little Italian joint” as you’ll find. i really like their red sauce; it’s the way i make it…rather zesty, not sweet, decent spice and garlicky, not watery and has some decent chunks of tomato as well so they dont just pulverize the thing into oblivion.

  4. I have been going to Pietro’s since the early 70s when it was originally located where The Grape is now.
    Red and white checkerboard table cloths, fake grape vines on the wall, opera music – the whole ball of wax.
    And the food is very good in a “red sauce” kind of way.

  5. I like Cafe Amore’ on Coit Road in north Dallas/Richardson. Almost like a NY neighborhood mom & pop Italian. IMHO, better than Pietro’s. BYOB, too!

  6. I just re-read your post and in the White Rock area, try Alphonso’s on Buckner behind The Green Spot. Not BYOB, though.

  7. dang’t Twinwillow. Pietro’s Braciole has got me. But we’ll try Cafe Amore’…..its near the wifes office, thanks

  8. @BigTex: Looks like iI got in there just one minute before you. Sorry.
    And I’ll have to try Pietro’s again. It is a lot closer to me than Cafe Amore’

  9. I second that on Tony’s .. (second that “missing Il Sorrento, too – though Tony’s is not the same animal at all) and also agree with the love here for Pietro’s. You want Old School, Pietro’s is Old School.

  10. Cremona is a good place for Italian red. Believe it or not, but the Loon’s pizza and other Italian items are usually good,. I am not sure if the Loon has chianti, but it pours everything else as well or better than any other bar in Dallas.

  11. My favorite is Kennys Italian Kitchen in Addison. Great red sauce and meatballs. It’s designed after the restaurants up in Boston.

    I love Aboca’s. My dad is good friends with Arthur, however, the reason I go there is for their potato soup. It’s the best I’ve ever had. Their Tiramisu is killer, too.