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Dan Koller Has a Few Things to Say About Rafa’s Cafe Mexicano

Don't Mess With Texan: Dan "The Captain" Koller.

Dan Koller is one of my favorite people. Why? Because he scares me. He looks like a cuddly Teddy bear, but underneath that nice-guy veneer lies the heart (maybe) of a cold-blooded managing editor. Last night “The Captain,” as I call him, took his family to Rafa’s Cafe Mexicano on Lovers Lane. He files this report over on Park Cities People.

Last night, my family and I visited Rafa’s for the first time. I know this place is beloved by Park Cities families, as evidenced by the large number of them who were there when we were. But I judge a restaurant by how easy it makes my life as a parent, and Rafa’s failed in that regard.

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He wants to know where you take your kids to eat.

2 comments on “Dan Koller Has a Few Things to Say About Rafa’s Cafe Mexicano

  1. I’d post this comment on Park Cities People blog but my comments go straight to delete and Dan’s never replied to my emails asking why. Anyhoo – Rafa’s is a great family-owned business. I agree with many of the comments on the PCP blog that it’s a noisy, busy place and if you’re not up for that kind of an experience, go elsewhere. Chuy’s is a great restaurant – everything is freshly made there – no walk-in freezer or premade mush. The company culture is excellent and the higher ups really want to provide great food at a reasonable price in a fun atmosphere. And they sell cute t-shirts.