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9 comments on “Food Feedback Friday

  1. Went to Lucia’s on Wednesday night – AMAZING!!! We used to go to Lola’s so we knew it would be wonderful, he is such a craftsman. Our server, Stephanie, was wonderful and very attentive. We had the crostini with chicken liver & figs which was so velvety, the gnocchi and ravioli were supreme, but the rabbit loin was the best! Such a great little space, but so hard to get into. Can’t wait to go back again!

  2. Last Saturday night. Dinner at Mesa. The place was packed! I broke my duck mole’ habit to have the oxtails. Falling off the bone delicious. My date really enjoyed her snapper Veracruz. And we both enjoyed sharing the home made tres leches layer cake.

    Jimmy’s Cuban sandwich for lunch today. Gotta have it with the hot sauce. Nothing need be said about this sandwich if you know what I mean.

  3. midafternoon and olny one comment … i’ll try to help out but am in barcelona, on business … with vegetarians.

    the last is a kicker that has proven fantastic.

    discovered Moaz Falafel (multiple locations). This nascent chain (we went to the original location off the ramblas) offers falafel (obviously) in a pita w warm hummous and an assortment of salad items (your choice). This is the chain that i would push my son into if it came to Dallas. my only concern was wondering if it was ok to drink a cerveza with a sandwich healthy; empiricism seemed to suggest it was.

    Los Caracoles remains the standard of the old guard (c 1835) restaurants. you are swept through the (dangerously) hot kitchen — cant believe i brought my young children here years ago — to one of an assortment of small rooms in an old manse in the old city of the overgrown port. Rabbit was my choice but i got to split with a couple of paellas that were markedly better than the microwaved facsimiles that pollute the menus of thepeninsula after the spaniards discovered concrete in the 80s.

    for cheap wonderful old renditions of the classics, barcoleneta is as edgy as oak cliff (read that as you may) and we stumbled (not as literally as desired) into Oasis which was as unlike the Palo Alto bar of the same name as you can imagine. Mom and Pop (and son, cousin and second(?) aunt) serving a modest, traditional assortment of dishes. great time if you don’t expect anything more than serendipity.

    Aside from an assortment of fabulous little joints (breakfasts of tortilla espanol, tapas, pinchas (sp) etc) the last (so far) remarkable vegetarian restaurant is one whose name i lost. (but i can find the location again!) It’s vegetarian and off calle Princessa (on flassaders), near the picasso museum. Which is pertinent.. The tables in this wonderful little place are doors on legs and serves fabulous food on polymer plates with plasticware bc the powers that be are playin games with their license, apparently, in order to give a boost to the new restaurant in the picasso museum. I hope they survive an that you can find them bc you deserve a taste of their wonderful food and hospitality.

    of course, when i get back i am going to take my daughter to sevy’s for a steak and their fabulous five grain salad.

  4. Oregon (pronounced Or-eh-gun) vacation with my husband and Richard and Lisa Chamberlain.

    Joel Palmer House in Dayton, Oregon where freshly picked mushrooms and truffles rule the menu. (Disclosure: we did not get this for free).

    Stumpville roasted coffee out of Portland for breakfast (Disclosure: we did not get this for free).

    Beachside hotel, The Inn at Spanish Head in Lincoln City, within short beach walk of day-crabbers and sea lions (Disclosure: we did not get this for free).

    Two Bitter Bitch ales at the Astoria Brewing Company and a t-shirt, because I loved the tag line “Shut up and drink your beer” (Disclosure: we did not get this for free).

    Delicious picnic luncheon next to Pike’s Market in Seattle fresh crab and shrimp salad, asst. Oregon cheeses, fresh French bread, fruit filled croissants, wine (Disclosure: we did not get this for free).

    Tr – Nancy has my email contact, let us know when you are coming in for your steak and salad and we’ll comp you a dessert. (Disclosure: I’ll make this same offer to any of you reading this.)

  5. thanks tristan^D^D^D^D^D^D^D Amy S. But that would require a “disclosure”

    Besides, my daughter has been charming Stefaan and Judge on a regular basis since she was nine. I’ve never met Sevy, but he has my huge respect and gratitude for giving Dallas such a fabulous restaurant.

  6. Screendoor at One Arts Plaza. The shrimp and grits are to die paired with fried Mac and cheese with grilled asparagus…. Amazing southern cuisine!

  7. The Capital Grille in Plano for lunch on Wednesday. Had their $18 bundled plate offering, selecting lobster roll, porcini bisque, and butternut squash with cranberry chutney. Bisque and squash were delicious, lobster roll a horrible mess drowned in what tasted like off-the-shelf salad dressing. Couldn’t taste the lobster at all. Served on top of a charred hoagie bun. YUK!

    Annoying service — at your elbow constantly checking to see if everything is ok, do you want a black or white napkin, ground pepper, etc. Can’t get a word in edgewise with your dining partner! Music coming from overhead speakers was way too loud. Then I inquired as to the location of the ladies room and a waiter insisted on personally escorting me to the door! I don’t need a tour, just tell me where the ladies room is and I will get there myself.

    All in all, based on my experience, I would not return. The place is too impressed with itself.

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