Charlie’s Opa! Grille in North Dallas is Closed

Bummer. I want Greek food. Not Mediterranean. Greek.

7 comments on “Charlie’s Opa! Grille in North Dallas is Closed

  1. Hang loose. When they leave the Euro it will be cheaper to fly there and eat than go to Plano.

  2. A sad day indeed. While Opa! was not a chef driven or trendy restaurant it did have its place in the Dallas dining scene. I miss Charlie, his family, his family of customers and the customers that I was lucky enough to wait on and get to know. May Charlie’s Opa! Grille and the Hungry Jockey Rest In Peace!

  3. This place was a dump in a dumpy has been part of Dallas with horrible food, I predicted it would close when it opened. Charlie was the co-founder of Greek Isles in Plano a Chochky styled 1980′s type inexpensive all inclusive restaurant. As far as Greek restaurants go (overpriced rip off Zizikis not included – more of a pseudo greek/arabic/italian mixed half greek owned establishment) My favorite pick, best tasting Greek food, best atmosphere, and best management would be a fairly new place called Platia Greek Kouzina in Frisco (owned by the original owner and founder of Zorbas Greek Cafe ( Zorba’s in my opinion a now has-been establishment that is not half of what it was 5 years ago.), Platia is near an outer set of strip malls surrounding Stonebriar Mall. Opa fans go there and compare, you shall see that the truthTeller is spot on correct, I know my Greek food.

  4. I will truly miss Opa’s. It was real Greek In the truest sense of an old world charm restaurant not into flash and trend. The type where the owner sits at the back table and knows everyone who walks in. I love European family restaurants not formula establishments. And I will miss this one! Where will I find pie??!!! Miss you, Charlie!!!