Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Birthday Party for Teenagers in Dallas

This mom is in a difficult predicament. She has a daughter about to turn 16. Mom wants to find someplace a group of teenagers can have some fun. Hear her plea:

I have a restaurant quandary and need help! My daughter is turning 16, and we need to find a restaurant to have dinner for 15. She is casual and bohemian, does not go for fancy, just fun. I was hoping to come up with something offbeat like Middle Eastern with belly dancers but have no idea. Just looking for festive. If you have any fun ideas (Oaklawn, N. Dallas, downtown), I would be most grateful.

7 comments on “Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Birthday Party for Teenagers in Dallas

  1. Shinsei has a private dining room that is great for that size. It also has a large flat screen TV that gets satellite and you could just hire in a private dancer for lessons for the girls!

  2. The Zodiac room is entre into the social scene for dining out in this area…I know my grandaughters loved it…but you could also think outside the box and do something for others…for the homeless or adopting a pet inclusive would be a new way to think about a different celebration.

  3. Don’t know If you’re still reading this but I went to an amazing private dinner at Kalachangi’s in east Dallas when I was in high school (like 12 years ago). idk if they still do that but it might be worth a call.