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What Did You Eat for Breakfast?

Waiting on the corner to cross Ross this morning, I overheard one guy — earring, late 40s — say to his buddy, “I woke up at 6 again. Ate that veal chop. Just cold, right off the bone. It was perfect.”

Made me think about the weird breakfasts we sometimes eat. This morning I ate a handful of raw almonds, 1/3 of an apple (honey crisp variety, I think), and about six Doritos (spicy cheese or something like that). Breakfast of champions?

What did you eat to break your fast today?

28 comments on “What Did You Eat for Breakfast?

  1. Discovered I was out of the rice milk I use to make my protein shake so…a handful of hot and spicy beef jerky and two cups of coffee.

  2. @JR: The name Muscle Milk creeps me out a little. I suppose the muscle is what it benefits, but I always read it as if CAME from a muscle.

  3. Wheat grain toast w/ almond butter. English breakfast tea & skim milk. Eating healthy today while dreaming of the smoked trout hash I’ll have at Cafe Pasqual in 2 weeks on my Santa Fe trip.

  4. Cinnamon roll and hot apple cider, followed by a Reese’s peanut butter cup (yay, Halloween candy!).

    @alyb–just got back from Santa Fe. Please pack me in your suitcase.

  5. Giant slice of wheat toast with pumpkin spice spread and a handfull of white chocolate peppermint pretzel crisps to munch on the train. Good morning, sugar rush.

  6. A juice mixture of fresh squeezed Texas oranges and grapefruit. (they are both so sweet right now!). And a bowl of Cocoa Krispies with banana slices with unsweetened almond milk.

  7. Cup of Earl Grey with milk and honey; bowl of homemade roasted butternut squash soup with shredded rotisserie chicken; half cup of 2% milk.

  8. Homemade (this weekend) steel-cut oatmeal with chopped roasted pecans and a honey-crisp apple.

  9. Jessica – I can top that. I had All-Bran AND Fiber One, mixed together with skim milk. And I’m under 40.

  10. Sausage egg and cheese kolache from kolache kitchen in the tunnel location, downtown houston, after a 7am flight from love.