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Stephan Pyles to Open New Restaurant in Uptown

Yes, it’s true. Stephan Pyles is developing a new restaurant in the 17Seventeen McKinney office tower. “I’m doing a “Modern Texas” concept,” Pyles said. “I’m not doing another Star Canyon, but it will have a little of that feeling.” The opening of the almost 7,500 square foot restaurant is set for Spring 2012. So far Pyles has not settled on a name! Let’s make it a game! Name Stephan’s new restaurant! I’m going with Suburban Cowboy. Or maybe, Dallas by Stephan Pyles.

UPPITY DATE: From Stephan Pyles: “I wanted to offer dinner for 4 for the person who names it.” BONUS!

68 comments on “Stephan Pyles to Open New Restaurant in Uptown

  1. I don’t get why all the commenters — ringers, maybe — are defending the idea of a restaurant, any restaurant, pouring Rémy XO as the undefined house Rémy and not telling the patron, when not even the fanciest joints in town do such a thing. I’m getting jumped on for making that correct point. I think Stephan’s people are loading up on comments, bless their hearts.

    I’m still right. It is bad taste to do such a thing, and we all know it.

  2. Yes, Jackson… the point is WE GOT IT! I don’t think there are any ringers on here… it’s just the way you are coming off.. it’s honestly not that big of a deal. And it was something that happened IN THE NINETIES. Time to get over it! It was by a bartender. In the nineties.

  3. Maybe he’s learned to ask. Maybe he could have called the next day to talk to mgmt. I’ve surely had to do it at Avner’s before. But I’ve gotten over it. Surely not fussing over it endlessly 15+ years later on an innocuous blog about a naming of said chefs next restaurant.

  4. This is the sort of contest that makes every marketing person excited yet cringe at the idea of branding via crowdsourcing. But I will play…

    Rio Verde
    FM 1717 (or since 1717 was a named restaurant choose a number significant to you)

  5. It could be called:

    5 Points by Stephan Pyles

    The Texas star has 5 points on it and it could be used in the logo for the restaurant!