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Making Dallas Even Better

Special Report: The Best Coffee in Dallas

Oddfellow's. (photo by Elizabeth Lavin)

Todd Johnson wears a lot of different pants around the D empire. Primarily, he is the company’s Creative Director. He oversees all of the art and photography and design stuff. He eats out almost every meal and posts his meals on Facebook. But Todd drinks more coffee than any other human being I have ever met.

When he came up with the idea of doing a feature on the best coffee in Dallas, the rest of the tea-sipping editorial staff said, “Go, dude.” He went. And went. And went. After a month of sampling coffee all over town and showing up for work buzzed like a meth addict, Todd is now back to speaking simple English and being civil to his co-workers. Read his story here. I promise you a contact caffeine high.

Agree or disagree below.

  • tb

    Totally agree about the greatness of Oddfellows coffee. Not being a very descriptive or analytic person (at least as far as flavors go), I’d say Oddfellows coffee has every good taste that coffee is supposed to have, without any of the bad tastes that undermine a typical cup. It’s not the shadow of coffee on the wall of Plato’s cave, it’s the perfect manifestation of the ideal of coffee.

  • Shaefercd

    “After a month of sampling coffee all over town and showing up for work buzzed like a meth addict” Way to go Todd, that is putting yourself out there for market research. Two Thumbs up! Keurig Reviews

  • Joyce

    Todd shows himself dedicated to his coffee, but not only that, is very creative, overseeing the art, photography and design features. Good work Todd.

  • Mark

    Send him my way, I could use some advice.