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14 comments on “Food Feedback Friday

  1. Been loving the food at Goodfriend, prepared by the Good 2 Go taco girls. The burgers are all solid but the appetizers (of all things) put it over the top. The fried pies ala mode are all great as well.

  2. I had a really tasty lunch yesterday of chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, sliced tomatoes and iced tea at The Circle Grill.

    Ate for the second time at Goodfriend, and I’m not as wowed as JD. Waffle fries were a waste of money, and $10 for a hamburger is pretty pricey.

  3. Mango Thai on Lover’s. I wanna like it but $94 (inc. tip) for four people, no alcohol and mostly noodles and rice just doesn’t work for me. It wasn’t even that good and service is really slow.

  4. I ate at Goodfriend twice this week, and in JD’s camp. Loretta burger rocks, as well as the Pork Pile (pulled pork nachos).

    Had a wonderful dinner at The Grape last night — 1st night of their 39th anniversary celebration. Ordered off the menu instead of the 3-course anniversary menu. The duck was perfectly cooked and probably the best duck preparation I’ve had.

  5. Went to Goodfriend this week to watch Game 5 – enjoyed the burger and the Pig Pile (Cheese Fries).

    Had appetizers at Rhost on Wednesday night on the roof – great patio and loved the tempura fried green beans

  6. Correction – I had the Nacho Mama. Still awesome, just don’t have the names straight. (the cheese fries rock too).

  7. Sea Breeze in Plano for great lobster rolls and Asian spiced purple cabbage cole slaw. Definitely worth the drive from Uptown.

  8. El Tinzoncito on Forest for lunch Wednesday. Wow! The Tizoncita torta was delicious and such a deal. Looking forward to my next visit.

  9. ann’s health food store for lunch. i ordered a veggie chicken salad (made out of tofu) wrap. the “chicken” salad part is not as tasty as spiral diner’s. however, while waiting for the 45 minutes it took to get my meal, i did shop around, and i came across some awesome finds: all kinds of crazy,neat teas, different “healthy” chips, and aloe vera juice.

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  11. Taste of Greenville Ave. roundup–beef tenderloin sandwich by Woodfire by Kirby’s (zzzz…boring sauce), Pork Bahn Mi by Pho is for Lover (not bad, not stellar), pizza by I Fratelli (biggest disappointment of all; the cheese on Red Baron’s tastes better), Oyster Nachos from Fish City Grill (very tasty indeed) and the winner, by a mile….The Chocolate Terrine from The Grape for just $3! About a third of the size of their regular portion, but wow…just melts in your mouth.