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Lisa Garza is Sissy of Sissy’s Fried Chicken in Dallas

Lisa Garza and Travis Selcer. (photo courtesy of Lisa Greenwood Duffee)

We knew it all along, but were under strict orders not to publish until after her wedding. Lisa and Travis Selcer tied the knot last weekend and now she is ready to start her other new life as a restaurateur. “I am Sissy,” Garza says. “Sissy is southern slang for “sister” and I am developing every aspect.

Sissy’s Fried Chicken will open in the former Hector’s on Henderson space. Garza says it’s a “low-country” concept in honor of her Southern roots. “We will specialize in fried chicken and short ribs,” Garza says. She will also have a tea bar with tea-infused vodkas and specialty cocktails. The interior will be “very Billy Reid” and “like home.”

Garza has developed the menu and has used many of the dishes for her upscale catering business. She will not be the execuchef. “I will be the GM and run the kitchen,” Garza says. “I had a great teacher in Gilbert [Gilbert Garza of Suze] and I want to take the experience I gained owning and operating Suze. I would not be where I am without Gilbert.”

Hatsumi of Kuzu Design (Urban Taco, La Duni, Tei Tei, Brownstone) is doing the interior. Girl power!

14 comments on “Lisa Garza is Sissy of Sissy’s Fried Chicken in Dallas

  1. Take that sausage and stick it. Lisa is a kind, generous, talented person. If you want to judge her based on a kooky, cut and pasted, heavily edited reality show, then just don’t go eat her food. You then become one of those d-bags who believe what the shows are selling.

  2. I totally agree with Borborygmus. And, I’m also looking forward to eating what she’s planning to serve. Sounds like my kind of comfort food. And, real close to me, too!
    I’ve always liked her (off TV) and wish her all the best.

  3. Sausage on a stick has it spot on. She chose to be on those shows. I’ll try her new place though, because I loves me some fried yardbird!

  4. I didn’t hear anything about a “philanthropic” theme, per her aspirations For her restauurant on that hokey reality TV show.

    Or the etiquette classes she was so passionate about; or the designer aprons.

    I fear this lady is a fraud.

  5. location, location, location – and the valet experience on Henderson has not been good at any of the area restaurants I’ve tried – but like everyone else she’ll get a try after 4 months in business. . .

  6. Just what Dallas needs, another upscale “southern comfort” tribute restaurant with overpriced entrees for dishes that don’t meet par.

    Apparently Horn and Decker, Screen Door, and The Porch weren’t enough.

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