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Motorcycle Racer Ben Spies Opens Stackhouse Burgers in Dallas

Patio view from Stackhouse Burgers on Gaston.
Ben Spies: racer and restaurateur.

Last week, Gumshoe Gubbins reported the opening of Stackhouse Burgers in an old house on Gaston near Baylor. She spoke with Randy Kienast, one of the owners, and he told her all about the burger-based menu which will be cooked by James Rose, who was formerly at Bob’s Steak & Chop House. Kienast’s partner in the deal is his best buddy Ben Spies. Who is Ben Spies? I asked the question and got more than I could handle. I know nothing about motorcycle racing, but apparently Ben Spies is a big deal in MotoGP racing. (He is one of the top five. Bonus points if you can name the other four.) Here is a cut and paste bio:

If you’re a MotoGP fan, you already know that Ben scored his first victory in that series in June, riding for Yamaha at the Dutch TT. And that he was named 2010 Rookie of the Year after his sixth-place finish in the championship.If you’re a World Superbike fan, you know that he won that championship in 2009 (along with a record number of poles) competing on tracks he’d never seen before.

Spies owns several properties in Dallas, including a ranch and a place at the W Hotel. He is also an investor in Kenichi Dallas. Kienast says the restaurant is taking shape and will open “very soon.”

22 comments on “Motorcycle Racer Ben Spies Opens Stackhouse Burgers in Dallas

  1. Casey Stoner, Jorge Lorenzo, Dani Pedrosa, and Valentino Rossi (debatable this year, maybe Anderea Dovizioso)
    Can I get hamburgers instead of bonus points?

  2. That is an awesome shot of Dallas! Can’t wait to sit ther, drink beer and watch the sun set!

  3. He’s hot and a stud driver. Wonder how actively involved he will be in the business. Go Ben! Hope to meet you soon!

  4. Bill…close enough on the answer. Good to know there are people out there that watch. Come in when we open and we will give you a burger:)

  5. Bill

    Dovi is the fourth….Rossi is lanquishing on the Ducatti this year.

    Not surprising most people don’t know about Motogp…here in the ole USA we do things our way…and we only watch racing that involves left turns.

    I’ll take a burger next time I’m down to visit my son

  6. Now I’m really hungry and tempted to watch saved WSBK/MotoGP races rather than work.

    Will be stopping by after it opens :)

  7. Awesome. Ben is an awesome MotoGP rider. USA needs to get on the bandwagon with MotoGP. Races with left turns only is boring!

  8. Found out about this place through Ben’s Facebook page. Ben has a lot of talent…would be awesome to shake his hand! I’ll be visiting this place.

  9. It is very upsetting to me the reporter didn’t know a native son of Texas who has made quite a name for himself worldwide racing to Hard fought Championships in AMA, WSB and now trying to do the same in MotoGP. How can anyone in Texas not know who Ben Spies is? And the copy and paste such a weak and non descriptive ‘bio’ of him. At least do a little research and give this kid some very much deserved respect! Geez people…Sooo frustrating for me, I can’t imagine how Ben feels!
    Ben…If you give me a hamburger today, I will gladly repay you next Tuesday?

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  11. its A bit sad that you have a world class athlete and you know nothing about him or his sport..

  12. Big Ben started his roadracing with a local club, the CMRA, and still stops by whenever he has some free time. Randall also used to race with the club. Check out the CMRA website

  13. Big R! Cool news about the burger joint. I will definitely come by to check it out. -Chris Headley

  14. Randy., you & Ben should’ve opened this place & brought me a burger when I was at Baylor Institute of Rehab. I’ll eat there for sure!