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Making Dallas Even Better

  • Twinwillow

    Lunch Wednesday again at Gio’s Deli. I guess the third time must be the charm. This time, my warm (extra moist) pastrami on rye with extra mustard was heavenly! And my friend loved her roast turkey on wheat with lettuce, tomato and mayo (she’s obviously not Jewish).

    First Chinese BBQ last Tuesday night with friends for a special Peking duck dinner for 6 with all the “trimmings”. $15.00 a person including tax and a 20% tip. Delicious!

  • DGirl

    Bistro 31 twice this week, once for lunch, once for dinner. Wow. This place is a big win for Alberto and his team there, especially the charming and super talented Eric Brandt. The pastas are super fresh – nice consistency. The Lobster Bolognese is INSANE, as is the pasta with dungeoness crab and lemon confit. Diver Scallops were incredible – perfectly cooked and accompanied with a brown butter that I wanted to mainline and a potato mousse topped with an onion and red and yellow pepper thing – I’m not doing it justice . . . So good. The desserts – damn. The orange ricotta cheese cake brulee with blueberry compote is so good, ice cream sandwiches with fleur de sel cookies – OMG. really amazing. I think it’s Lombardi’s best restaurant ever. Congratulations!

  • TLS

    Dinner at Roy’s. It had been a while since we were in but we were treated as regulars; very welcome and comfortable. The food was better than I remembered as well with more non-seafood options.

    Dinner at Fearing’s. I have to say we were disappointed. Everything was good but not hit-it-out-of-the-park good. I had the scallops which came with a foie Gras – sweet potato purée which along with the mushroom ragout completely overwhelmed the scallops. The flavors just didn’t work. The Sommelier was great. I was surprised by the attire of some of the patrons. Why anyone would think that wearing shorts and a t-shirt to the Ritz-Carlton is a good move is beyond me. But they let them in so I guess anything goes. Is there anywhere with a dress code anymore?

  • Gipson

    Zanata in downtown Plano again. The Thursday special is just too good: any full-size pizza and a pitcher of Shiner Bock for $18. As usual, my wife and I had two pizzas and two pitchers. I was sad to see the place so empty – the pizza is great and, again, the VALUE (on Thursdays). Walking back to our car we saw that Urban Crust was slammed. I certainly don’t begrudge them their success – I love Urban Crust – but I wish Zanata would see some of that business too. I hope to keep them both around for a long time.

  • joeat

    Bistro 31 service was wonderful with Aleksander but chopped salad did not compare with Commissary and my friends burger not good with rather sweet bun. It will be a huge success, for awhile, just like Marquee, but they still have to produce reliable, consistent food. Neither do.

  • A. B.

    @Gipson–how big are those pizzas? And who did the driving? Holy cow!

  • Gipson

    @A.B. – Probably too late at this point, but to answer you: the pizzas are 12″, roughly the same size you find at other gourmet pizza joints like Urban Crust, Cane Rosso or Dough. Oh, and I did the driving. One pitcher comes to about four beers which, when spread over an hour and a half and joined by a 12″ pizza, doesn’t really faze me.


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