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Making Dallas Even Better

Fall Classic! Rangers v Cardinals Tonight: Let’s Cook

Fun to look at in the front yard. On TV? Not so much. Go Rangers.

Raya has told you where to go if you want to watch the game in public. However many of us prefer to view the game from the comfort of our own couch with a few friends and dogs. A commenter, who wants to party at home, asks what she can cook to represent each team. I know you will be tempted to say roasted a few Northern Cardinals. There are six of them in my front yard this very second. You can buy Nolan Ryan’s beef at Kroger and maybe do some toasted ravioli.

I say we get this party started! Get creative. Go Rangers!

  • Amy S

    A couple of years ago Dave Faries wrote about the Gooey Butter Cake, a Missouri tradition. I tried it at home and it was the most delicious cake I’d ever had. Have insulin ready.

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  • Jean

    Love your bird pictures!

  • SAM

    Those pictures are beautiful I have cardinals that nest in my yard every summer, but I’ve never been able to get a good photo. I won’t begrudge the birds their temporary home because of a baseball game though. Do you think they’ll try to watch the game through the window?
    Go Rangers!