Have You Tried New Whataburger Green Chile Burger?

I was talking with a friend of mine who said a burger had caught his eye. He’s not one to frequent fast food joints but his lunch time ran tight one day and he found himself inside a Whataburger. He ordered the chain’s new Green Chile Double burger: two beef patties, double Monterey Jack cheese, and roasted green chiles. That was ten days ago. He’s been back seven times.

Et tu? Anybody out there with an opinion on this?

12 comments on “Have You Tried New Whataburger Green Chile Burger?

  1. I went to Whataburger yesterday for lunch and saw this on the menu. I have been on a diet and wanted a grilled chicken something so I asked for that and had them add the green chiles (extra 49 cents). The chiles had a bit of heat and were flavorful. Could not imagine eating a double cheese burger from this place.

  2. YES!! It is excellent…I was really surprised at how good the green chiles were. I’ve had it a couple of times LATE night after closing the restaurant on the way home. Also of note – In & Out empty on the midnight driveby, Whataburger has a good crowd.

  3. What A Burger…the green chili burger is great! Didn’t expect much but it really blew me away. Tip, order the green chilis on your taquito for breakfast.

  4. How does it compare to the undisputed king of green chili cheeseburgers’s at “Bobcat Bite” near Santa Fe?

  5. I have had the double with the Green Chile and it was great….I grew up in NM and before I took the time to order one up…I called Whataburger customer service to see where they procured their so called Chile…I didnt want chile from NEW YORK CITY…well come to find out its from outside of Deming NM…so I am a fan….Good Job Whataburger for doing it right and not being all corporate and stuff …WFFL!….also I heard Jay@ CaneRosso will be offering it all the time on his pies….a rumor that i am starting but will deny

  6. Jay Jerrier has been promising me a white clam pie since the day he opened.
    I’ll be pissed if you get green chili sauce before I get white clam sauce.

  7. Can’t believe I’m saying this since I typically abhor Whataburguer stuff, but it is delicious. I have already ate it twice and plan on having it again :)

  8. My husband probably visited there 4 times within a 2 week period. I haven’t tried it but he claims it’s the best thing he’s had from Whataburger.