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8 comments on “Food Feedback Friday

  1. Tried Ziyaafat in Plano. We had high hopes as this restaurant is close to our house, and we both love classic Indian food. We were excited to try the Mughal cuisine. were not impressed. We ordered chicken stick boti as our appetizer which was basically spiced chicken nuggets served with PLAIN ketchup. Our entrees were better, and the dessert was ok. But overall, we don’t see ourselves coming back. Everything was just bleow average.

    Had Kostas today for lunch – gyros were delicious as always. Also enjoyed Fried Cheese- OPA!

  2. I think this would be a great post for Mondays or Tuesdays. Fresh off the weekend with sharp memory of weekend eating and enough notice for others to make an upcoming weekend rez at a place they read about in comments.

  3. Gio’s Deli. Better, but the chicken soup is soooo salty! However, The large matzo ball was excellent and the pastrami was much improved from the last time I ate here. And, I noticed the half pastrami sandwich accompanying the soup was much more generously sized than the last time I was here.

  4. Two disappointments this week. First, Prime Bar. Slow service, thick smoke on the patio and an overall desolate vibe. No way this place will survive. Had dinner at Princi Italia another night. Had a 45 minute wait, which I didn’t mind. Let me check out the bar.. but they only had one bartender on staff for the ENTIRE restaurant. Drinks were meh. Ditto on the food. Nothing really stuck out as great except for the bread in the bruschette. The flavors were all forgettable and we tried 5 dishes. So disappointing… I really want this place to make it (great location)

  5. I had a couple of meals at Mughali on Alpha (at Noel). Wow. Best Indian food that I have had in Dallas. Everything we had was terrific.

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  7. Ate at Pho is for Lovers,off Greenville and Lovers Ln. The weather is absolutely perfect for Pho!!!