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CO Permit in the Window at Former Hector’s on Henderson Space: Sissy’s Fried Chicken

The lights were on but nobody was inside the space formerly known as Hector’s on Henderson. The City of Dallas CO Inspection Request posted in the front window lists the owner/tenant as Sissy’s Fried Chicken and Beverage. I’ve left word with the contact name on the permit but I haven’t heard back. However, an in-the-know Henderson neighbor says he/she thinks it’s an “elevated down home cooking joint but not entirely sure.” Holding breath.

17 comments on “CO Permit in the Window at Former Hector’s on Henderson Space: Sissy’s Fried Chicken

  1. if the fried chicken is 90% as good as Bubba’s and a better atmosphere. I’m in.

    mmmmmmmmm Bubba’s….

  2. I agree with SDM. That area isn’t a fried chicken friendly part of town. It had better be out of this world chicken…….

  3. My ten second rant: I’m all for giving people what they want but I am officially over the down-home/upscale, low-country/high-style, calico/cashmere food trend. Is it economic uncertainty, myopic leadership, or simplified palates that spawn these “old wine in new(ish) bottles” ventures focusing on tacos or chicken? Harumph.

  4. Who says its fried chicken? You dont have to stick with the name on the c/o. Everyone needs to chill out. Do u really think someones going to give upwards of 200-300k and call it “Sissys”? Wake up people. Get to know the biz. And btw the only thing Tristan is doing is another Fireside cuz thats all his business partners will give him money for.

  5. No word from Liza Garza. No call back from name on CO permit. Nothing to do with Tristan Simon. Yes, it could be named anything although the Permit says: Dance Floor: NO ALCOHOL: NO.

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  7. Fried Chicken with no alcohol? might have to adjust the O/U to 9 months (but not sure about free rent)

  8. U guys r dorks. Really? Yeah a restaurant on Henderson w only fried chicken and no booze. R u guys listening to yourselves? It’s a restaurant w I’m guessing comfort food w I’m guessing good booze. And I’m pretty sure “southern comfort” works. Or do we need another Tex Mex or taco joint? Oh I have an idea….Tapas?