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Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Onion Rings in Dallas

She’s got a hankering for diamond-less rings. And she’s new in town. Give her a hand.

Hey, Nancy! I just moved here from Atlanta and I am hungry for the onion rings served at The Varsity. What place in Dallas has onion rings like these?

The rings at The Varsity are fairly thin, crunchy, and greasy. Kinda like the ones served at Peggy Sue BBQ or Sonny Bryan’s.

16 comments on “Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Onion Rings in Dallas

  1. Ditto Chips … they’re super-greasy and super-good (sometimes need a touch a salt though).

  2. One of my faves is at Good Eats on Oak Lawn. Outstanding! Best part is that on Mondays it’s a buck each for their cold mugs of Shiner Bock and their Onion Ring appetizers.

  3. My house! Sweet vidalias — sliced thinly but still in ring shape–marinated in Shiner Bock for an hour or so.
    Dredged in flour/super fine cornmeal & s&p. Fried in HOT oil. Yum!