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Private Social Rolls Out the Red Carpet for VIP Opening Party

Hollywood or Dallas? The VIP opening of Private Social. (photo by Brooklynne Peters)

Brooklynne Peters attended the much publicized and well-attended opening on Private Social. She files this report.

If success can be judged by how well liked you are, then Tiffany Derry is already successful. Last Friday, many of Derry’s friends showed up for the extravagant, star-studded red-carpet opening of her new restaurant Private Social. Eight of Derry’s closest friends who also happen to some of the nation’s top chefs and they appeared alongside Derry on Top Chef Season 7. “You only open once,” said Derry, who put a lot of thought into planning the event. “This is special.”

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Friday, Derry’s buddies who showed up for the glamorous event included chef Ed Cotton (Top Chef Season 7), Kevin Sbraga (Top Chef Season 7), Angelo Sosa (Top Chef Season 7), Carla Hall (Top Chef All Stars), Kelly Liken (Top Chef Season 7), Michael Ferraro (Chopped), Peach Carr (Project Runway) and Arnold Myint (Top Chef Season 7), who emceed her wedding.

Derry and the other Top Chef alum sat around a table in the back of Private Social prior to its opening and reminisced about their shared experiences and doled out encouragement and advice to their friend before she opened the doors of her new venture.  “Just cook from your heart,” said Kevin Sbraga, Top Chef Season 7 winner.  “You know what to do.  Don’t let anyone sway you,” Sbraga said.  “You know what the vision is, and rock it out!”

The vision, according to Derry, is a restaurant that provides an even-handed combination of formal (Private) and casual (Social) dining.  The restaurant is essentially split in two, offering different menus and price points, all under the same roof.  Derry hopes to bring in a varying clientele for varying occasions, from study groups to private events.

“We wanted a place where people could come together, have dinner and not necessarily spend $50-$70,” said Derry.

Carla Hall and Kevin Sbraga. (photo by Brooklynne Peters)

Left: Arnold Myint and Kelly Liken. Right: Private Social chef Tiffany Derry and her husband Mark Mitchell. (photo by Brooklynne Peters)

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