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Does Casey Thompson Still Cook at Brownstone in Fort Worth?

Do you follow The Casey on Twitter. I do. She’s a busy gal. In the last two weeks she has “had dinner with good friends,” filmed a commercial for Healthy Choice, cheffed at a fundraiser in St. Helena , admitted she “hearts Justin Bieber,”and made an appearance at Sam’s Club in Plano. Oh, I buried my lede. Yesterday she tweeted: “At the new la Condessa in Napa! So tasty! I live in napa!”  Brownstone still lists her as executive chef. I’m just curious. Tweeting her now…

UPPITY DATE: This just in:  @DSideDish: of course I am!

DOUBLEUPPITY DATE: And another!@DSideDish: between Napa and endorsements and cooking for events… I am pretty elusive!

12 comments on “Does Casey Thompson Still Cook at Brownstone in Fort Worth?

  1. You’re somehow implying that celebrity chefs cook in their restaurants…which is almost never true, barring the occasional media event, publicity stunt, or random occasion.

    Thomas Keller was once asked, “Who does the cooking in your restaurant when you aren’t there?” To which he replied, “The same people who do it when I am there.”

    The idea of celebrity chefs behind the line, personally cooking food for people is a fallacy. I’m sure it happens, and I’m sure a few celebrity chefs do cook on a nightly basis, but the vast majority of them are better utilized as ambassadors of the restaurant and brand they are working for, so that people come to eat at the restaurant.

    It’s also a fallacy perpetuated by the food media, and I expect NN to know better.

  2. Oh lighten up, Anon. I found it amusing she rarely mentions “her” restaurant. You’re hoisting Ms. Thompson up to Keller? Since Casey only has ONE restaurant, I just thought it might be located in the same city she lives in.

  3. Whoops, it appears I misread some of her tweet. I didn’t catch the whole ” I live in Napa” bit…I thought you were getting on her case because she seemingly isn’t ever at her restaurant…you know…cooking.

    I took issue with that statement, since the food media loves to portray the false image of the celebrity chef behind the stove of their restaurant making their pasta and such. Very rare.

    And I certainly wasn’t comparing her to Thomas Keller, I was using a well known Keller quote to illustrate my point.

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  6. There are alot of chefs who rarely hang in their restaurants…Tiffany Derry(when at Go Fish)Kent Rathbun, Tim Love, Blythe Beck…this is not particularly a bad thing..most of these chefs are a ‘brand’ and they didn’t get their brand by being at the restaurant like the hard core chef’s 24/7. Chef’s are also control freaks, and some don’t want to leave the kitchen long enough to go to food festivals, tv appearances, social events, etc. I will say that it is frustrating to go to aa celeb chef’s place and not see them there, but they have trained staff well, and leave their restaurants in capable good hands.

    I like Casey- I took a wide eyed culinary student over to meet her once and she was so kind and gracious.

    Don’t be so hard on chefs. It’s hard work and the glory is short lived. Most go to sleep at night wondering if they’ll flatline from exhaustion in their sleep. It’s not as glamorous as it looks and sounds.

  7. I don’t think Nancy was being hard on Casey. She doesn’t even live in the same city where she is a chef. Sure she works hard. Look at allnof her endorsements. Brownstone is just one of them. She shows up from time to time and gets an appearance fee. Too many chefs are in the kitchen every night. Casey doesn’t take anything but money and fame seriously.

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  9. @Anon – The line you attributed to Keller was actually Paul Bocuse’s. It’s legend in the industry.