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Making Dallas Even Better

What to Drink Now: Race Cocktails from Patron

Last night Patron Tequila welcomed an enthusiastic group of Dallas socialites and car racing fanatics to “The Apartment” in The Design District for a good luck and have fun party for the newest member of the NHRA Nitro Funny Car, Alexis DeJoria, the daughter of John Paul DeJoria (owner of Paul Mitchell and Patrón Tequila.) […]

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Rumors Behind the Restaurant News: Mico Rodriguez is Planning to Take Burger Girl Space

Several eagle-eyed Dishers and Pegasus News have reported Mico sightings at the space formerly known as Burger Girl. I spoke with Mico Rodriguez and he detailed his vision for a small restaurant. However, nothing has been finalized and nothing is official. I know several of you saw a Mico 12 sign go up, but it […]

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Chew on This: Seating, or Not Seating, Incomplete Parties

I understand why some restaurants are reluctant to seat incomplete parties. Sometimes the rest of the party doesn’t show up and the restaurant is left with a deuce at a four-top during the dinner rush. Lost revenue on valuable real estate. Allowing two people to sit while they wait for another couple can also throw […]

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Eat This Now: Red Velvet Twinkies from Horne and Dekker in Dallas

The old urban legend regarding Twinkies states that they have a shelf life comparable to carbon-14, able to fulfill cream filled fantasies for ages to come. And if something is going to be around for that long, it had better be great. This delicate golden sponge cake is truly a piece of American history, and […]

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Monica Greene’s New Restaurant, Tajin, is Under Construction

Veteran Dallas restaurateur Monica Greene’s new Mexico City-style full-service restaurant, Tajin, is under construction at the ILUME building on Cedar Springs. “The name represents beginnings to me,” Greene said. “I was born on a street named Tajin and it was there I would sit in the kitchen with the family cooks and learn how to […]

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