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Breaking News: Michael Costa Arrested By TABC at The Office Grill in Dallas

TABC officers and Michael Costa (light blue shirt to right) outside The Office Grill in Dallas. (Photo by Nancy Nichols)

This evening, around 6:40PM, officers from the TABC entered The Office Grill in far North Dallas (Frankford and Tollway) and arrested co-owner Michael Costa. I’m awaiting information on the specific charges of the arrest but his business (Lucky 7 Private Club) has appeared consistently on the TABC credit law delinquent list which is released every two weeks.  The most recent was published yesterday. (A detailed explanation of why a business is included on the list is below the jump.)

Costa was handcuffed inside the restaurant and taken to Collin County Jail.

The Office Grill co-owner Michael Costa once again behind bars. (Photo by Nancy Nichols)

Tonight’s arrest is the second for Costa this month.  On September 13, Costa was arrested for a bond forfeiture for theft of $1,500<20k.”

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UPDATE: I have turned the comments off until I have more details about the situation. Sorry, but thanks.

UPDATE: Comments on.

UPDATE: I’ve been on deadline all day. According to an officer of the Collin County Jail, Michael Costa was arrested for two charges. Both were “an act prohibited during permit suspension.” Since the TABC arrested Costa it looks like Costa’s liquor license was suspended and he continued to sell alcohol. Both charges are misdemeanors and bond for each charge was set at $1,500. Costa bonded out earlier this afternoon. Mug shot below.

Mug shot from last night's arrest.

The current TABC credit law delinquent list is now available and has an effective date of September 19, 2011 at 12:01 am.

The Delinquent List is published/effective at 12:01 a.m. on the 3rd and
18th of each month. All payments must have been received by the
wholesaler prior to 12:01 a.m. on the 3rd and/or 18th as applicable to
avoid regulatory action. Any orders received for delivery, will call,
salesperson pick-up or hot shot prior to the publication date may be
delivered by the Wholesaler and/or Local Distributor on the day of the
publication. Such orders must be invoiced and billed prior to the
publication time of 12:01 a.m. and must be delivered by 1:00 p.m. on the
publication date.

If the publication date falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or a state or
federal holiday, the publication date shall be the next regular business

  • Sheeple

    Deina – without saying too much, I worked there, and saw it repeatedly, and was told to do it…by Costa. All the way up until the end. I did whatever I could because I love you and Dave, brought it to management (not you) and was told to basically do as I was told. Not to mention all the other shady things he was pulling that never seemed right.

  • Aaron

    What about the time he ordered a brand new $20k vent hood system for Republic on a credit card, told them to ship it to his office, when it arrived he told them they shipped it to the billing address and to deliver it to restaurant, then he reversed the charge on his card saying the vent hood was never delivered knowing the company who shipped it to him didn’t get a signature for delivery. What a great guy.

  • Steve

    The private club (liquor) license at The Office was suspended for non-payment of mixed beverage taxes. If he continued to sell alcohol, he was selling without a permit thus the arrest. The tabc violations he’s been charged with there (available to view on TABC’s website) include illegal possession of liquor bottles with no tax stamps, empty liquor bottles with unmutilated tax stamps and purchasing liquor from unauthorized sources (refilling bottles).

  • frank

    Aaron, you know nothing of Republic, as it was already built when he got there, go find another chump to sell that crap to…..Steve, info is also wrong, no stamp violations, this is a landlord trying to squeeze him out after he pre-paid rent. Maybe the landlord is sleeping with the birdlady Nancy….

  • frank

    Had dinner there again tonight, and it was fantastic…eat it Nancy!!!!!!

  • Mike

    I worked at the office he owes me $400 and is always dodging me and others he owes money to and the restaurants phone number is now shut off….go figure