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Making Dallas Even Better

Breaking News: Michael Costa Arrested By TABC at The Office Grill in Dallas

This evening, around 6:40PM, officers from the TABC entered The Office Grill in far North Dallas (Frankford and Tollway) and arrested co-owner Michael Costa. I’m awaiting information on the specific charges of the arrest but his business (Lucky 7 Private Club) has appeared consistently on the TABC credit law delinquent list which is released every […]

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Chef Francesco Farris Readies to Open Zio Cecio Cucina Italiano in Dallas

Construction of former Arcodoro/Pomodoro chef Francesco Farris’ new restaurant, Zio Cecio Cucina Italiano, is going full tilt boogie. Earlier in the year, Farris announced he would be taking over the little house on Lovers left vacant after Patry’s closed, but this morning I found the sign and the construction crew working furiously at the former […]

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John Tesar Introduces One Art With Sous Vide Octopus

The Table is dead. Long live One Art. Commissary owner/chef John Tesar always knew that an upscale burger operation, albeit with a good burger, would not cast his name in Dallas dining history. Hence the reason for the room at the side of The Commissary where some 12 diners at a communal table can order […]

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