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Looks Like Taqueria El Fuego in Richardson is Closed

A loyal Disher who loves Taqueria El Fuego reports he read on Chowhound his beloved taco spot was closed. He emailed me and asked me to confirm. I called and the phone is disconnected. Guess I’ll dispatch a scout for a visual.

8 comments on “Looks Like Taqueria El Fuego in Richardson is Closed


    Best chincharron I’ve ever had, and by a wide margin. In fact, all there food was pretty great. This is sad.

  2. It can’t be due to lack of biz. Family problem perhaps or maybe a new and better location. I wish them well. I first went there about 10 years ago. wow.

  3. Say it ainn’t so . . .I am with twinwillow on El Fuego. Excellent food across the board. My favorite tortillas in Dallas. Very sad news.

  4. They are not just a taqueria. Probably the best mexmex in Dallas.
    Their buffet lunch special is always good and yes, handmade tortillas

  5. I tried to go Saturday morning for breakfast burritos and was surprised when I pulled on the door and it didn’t open. There was mail piled on the floor. Such a bummer!

  6. Try the one-year-old DF Goumet Taco in the strip mall near Albertson’s on Arapaho and Hillcrest in Richardson. Stunningly authentic and BYOB steal from usual Dallas Tex-Mex fare. They even do breakfast:) Another Gem that is worth supporting.