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10 comments on “Food Feedback Friday

  1. Pho is for Lovers – Beef Pho was one of the best I’ve had (with very tender brisket and flavorful meatballs). Vermicelli plates were okay, but a little underwhelming.

  2. I tried the newly opened Velvet Taco at Henderson and 75 (former Church’s Chicken location) last night. Really, really good, unusual (gringo) tacos. I had the fried cornmeal oyster tacos in a delicate semi-hard corn taco shell with all the trimmings and a raw “poky tuna” taco also with all the trimmings. This one is held together in a heavily layered lettuce “taco shell” ala In-N-Out’s “protein burger”. Both were excellent and very reasonably priced at $4.50 each. They also have a nice selection of “boutique” sodas to choose from. I had a vanilla cream soda (don’t remember the name) made with sugar not, corn syrup. I will return, soon!

  3. We did more drinking than eating, but we did go to a beer and cheese pairing with a dessert at World Beer Company last night. It was seven (I think) Boulevard beer and cheese pairings, and one Boulevard beer and dessert pairing. Aside from one cheese that absolutely needed the beer it was paired with to be palatable, I would faceplant that cheese platter. That one cheese? Alone, you get a strong note of uncleaned cat litter box. With the beer it was paired with, not damned bad at all.

  4. It was a taco/pizza week. First it was Fuzzy’s; I really don’t know why I keep going back there thinking that it will eventually get better! This time the garlic brisket was so salty it was inedible and this is coming from the girl who’s husband said she should buy a salt lick. Then it was Rusty’s. Thought we’d try the “new” fried chicken taco, yuck, tasted like a Jack in the Box chicken sandwich shoved in a tortilla. Blah. The bbq brisket taco was very good, but as always you never know if it’s tough or tender day at Rusty’s, just gotta hope for the best. Brackets for the breakfast pizza; delicious. Ordered it with the eggs cracked straight on to the pizza so they cook just enough and then the yolks, warm but runny, run all over the melted cheese and cripsy edged meats…yum!

  5. similar type of “taco/pizza” week. One night at Fuzzys – and agree with Eagles, hoping it will get better. For the second time, the chicken burrito was cold (is safe temp maintained in the kitchen?). Pizza at Fireside Pies – best part – no waiting. Excellent panzanella salad, pizza and service. Dinner at Oishii, lunch at Empire Bakery – enjoyed both.

  6. Went to Mughlai, the new Indian restaurant on Alpha, Wed night. Best Northern Indian in town I think. Friday night tried to go to Yataka w our 7 year old after Late Night at Crow and DMA. We pick up there 4-6xmo (b/c Sushi Salke is too far), butt dont often dine in(b/c Sushi Sake is better). They wouldn’t seat us…seems kids are not allowed. So unable to spend too much money on little pieces of tuna belly and such we headed to nearby Smash Burger for great burgers and hotdogs and a very attentive toro, but very good ending to the night. So long Yutaka!

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  8. @WD I am glad I didn’t see your 7 year old at Yutaka after your LATE NIGHT @ DMA.
    Maybe you can take precious to lunch at Yutaka.