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Making Dallas Even Better

Point CounterPoint: Should Dallas Restaurants Have a Time Limit?

[Ed. note: George poses this, in my opinion, stupid question. I am challenging him with, in my opinion, a smarter one.] George: A couple of weeks ago, a Zagat survey reported that 60% of dinners in New York supported a time limit which allows the restaurant to boot you from your table so they can […]

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Ate it for $8: Tootsie’s Café in Downtown Dallas

Overview: Unpretentious and “relatable,” Tootsie’s Café is every bit as charming as it is quirky. Luckily it’s not their decorating pizzazz or grammatically correct menu that keeps the downtown crowd packing this place for breakfast and lunch. On one side is a dining hall filled with red and white checkered picnic tablecloths and framed Ansel […]

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Movember Cometh, People. Let’s Do This.

Last year, we watched the seemingly unflappable Ryan transform from cherubic imp to Keith Stone over the course of one wacky Movember challenge. This year (I hope) will be no exception. But should we fall down on the job—or should you not have the genetic material necessary to grow your own—there is an alternative: DIY moustache […]

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My Sugar Box Can Beat Up Your Velvet Taco

In what feels like a dessert response to all of the overtly suggestive taco joint names we’ve seen in the last year, Sugar Box officially opens tomorrow night in Uptown at the Mondrian. The grand opening fete runs from 5 to 9 pm and features freebie selections from the new dessert bar’s palate of cupcakes, […]

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