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Uncle Uber’s Sammich Shop in Deep Ellum: Soft Opening on Thursday

Reporter Kristy Alpert gets an uber exclusive preview of Deep Ellum’s newest sammich shop.

For months I’ve driven by the bold, black banner hanging high for all to see. Taunting me. Enticing me. Confusing me, even. “Coming Soon, Uncle Uber’s Sammich Shop.” Who’s this Uncle Uber guy? What does he have against the ‘sandwich’? What ever happened to Fat Ted’s? Are people saying uber again? It’s normally at that point that I would get flooded by depressing memories of my failed attempts to bring back the word ‘boss’, and disheartedly head home … sammich-less. But come Thursday, that acerbic banner will be down, as Uncle Uber opens the door to his shop o’ sammiches.

I was lucky enough to get a call from the Uncle himself, who offered to let me try the place out before the soft opening this Thursday. Needless to say, I was uber pumped to see what this place was all about.


Uncle Uber’s is the brainchild of Bryan and Kathy Crelly, who have previously successfully opened four restaurants with their team of uber financiers in the Uber Restaurant Group: namely Uptown Bar and Grill. Their concept was to create a casual and unpretentious hang-out with a simple, but exceptional menu. What they ended up with is just that, with a throwback to the late ’80s and early ’90s cultures mixed in.

Double Uber-ger with fries.

Original, commissioned posters by father and daughter team Frank and Amber Campagna line the mustard and ketchup colored brick walls and display ads for nostalgic items like Sea Monkeys, Space Shoes, and Dick Tracy memorabilia. Although the original murals of circus performers from the days Crelly’s second business, Fat Ted’s, occupied the space are gone, remnants of the paintings are still found on one of the brick walls. There’s a small stage nestled in the corner of the dining room—across from a framed copy of Nancy Nichols’ review of Uptown Bar and Grill from the mid-nineties—prepped and ready for local musicians on Fridays and Saturdays.

The layout was intentional, with a separate dining room away from the “Order Grub Here” and “Grab Grub Here” sections by the bar, and the food is simple but ambrosial. The menu is straightforward: 10 sandwiches, three sizes of burgers, three salads, and desserts. Their burgers (Uber-gers) come out straightforward as a single (yay, a 1/4lb burger in Deep Ellum!), double, or triple, topped with lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickle and Uber sauce (not Thousand Island!). You can dress them up with cheddar, provolone, Swiss, blue cheese, goat cheese, or pepper Jack cheeses. Their sammiches are their mainstay, and each offer a creative mix of flavors (try the bacon and goat cheese with mounds of bacon, cucumber, and avocado or the shaved rib-eye steak with blue cheese crumbles and garlic mayo). Also, since the hot dog is apparently the new taco, it may be worth checking out their BunME Dog, a 1/4lb all-beef hot dog loaded with cucumber, daikon carrot slaw, cilantro, thinly-sliced jalapeno, and smoked habanero ranch on a toasted hoagie.

Interior and bar.

They also sell Dirty Chips from Louisiana (get the funky fusion flavor!) and their hand-cut fries come sprinkled in Uber salt, or “French fry crack” as Kathy lovingly calls it. Be on the lookout for their ice cream sandwich (to come) that will be made with Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla between two pizzelle cookies. They’ll also have their beer and wine license soon, and plan to sell only local and craft bottles.

Beginning tomorrow (Thursday), they will be open 11am until10pm Monday through Saturday. They’re planning a Grand Opening around the first of October. Overall, Uncle Uber’s is going to fit perfectly in its Deep Ellum digs, with its raw hippie vibe and cool, but funky atmosphere. This sammich joint is hip without trying to be and, IMO, is totally boss (there it is!).

Uncle Uber’s Sammich Shop
2713 Commerce St
Dallas, TX 75226

Shaved rib-eye steak with a salad.
  • Pedro527

    I don’t know…why anyone who thinks using baby talk in a restaurant name is going to attract a lot of customers is beyond me…maybe the food is OK, but please add to Nancy’s list of awful restaurant names…

  • pedro sucks

    Hey Pedro, stick to subway, k. I’ll have myself a sammich next time im headin over to Dada for a show.

  • Kevin Kunreuther

    I’m checkin’ it out. Sandwiches are my thing. It all sounds and looks good, but taste is where it counts in the end.

  • Kristy Alpert

    Let us know what you think Kevin. I was particularly impressed with their Shaved Rib-Eye; never had one with blue cheese before.

  • Mena

    I am a HUGE fan of Brian and Kathy Crelly’s previous place in Chicago. I may have to fly out there to get my fix. The steak sandwich with blue cheese was my very favorite… and the fries…and the blakened chicken sandwich ….AAAAHHHH !!!
    I need to book my flight NOW

  • G. David

    My question is whatever happened to Omega’s Tex-Mex, which occupied the space after the Fat Ted’s and before the Sammich Shop. And yes, Pedro, there’s a Subway on every corner. Enjoy.

  • pedro527

    @pedro sucks…wow…sorry to offend the manager of the latest fast food franchise to invade DFW…but please be advised…most adults in DFW able to pronounce the word “sandwich” correctly,,,

  • Food Authority

    I can’t wait to try this. Deep Ellum needs a good local sandiwich shop. I’m going to get an Uber good sandwich today!