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Taco Cabana Introduces Fajitas Puebla Tacos

Taco Cabana is introducing these tacos for a limited time. They sent me a coupon for one and I found them delicious and good value (under $6 for a platter of two with rice and beans).

Taco Cabana Fajitas Puebla Tacos

Roll the press release.

For a limited time, Taco Cabana is introducing new fajitas puebla tacos, which are made with marinated steak or all-white meat chicken, topped with a mix of fresh pico de gallo, shredded lettuce and chopped bacon. For the final touch, Taco Cabana created a creamy avocado sauce made with avocados, jalapenos, sour cream, and chopped cilantro topped off with a hint of fresh lime juice. “The inspiration for the sauce came from the traditional avocado salsa we saw in restaurants and at street stands on our culinary team’s trip to Mexico last year,” Smokey Waters, corporate chef of Taco Cabana said. “We added our own spin by using sour cream to give it a smoother texture and a richer flavor.” As part of its ongoing commitment to bring guests the traditional and emerging flavors coming out of Mexico, Taco Cabana’s culinary team will visit Mexico again this September to find additional inspiration for its menu.

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