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Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Hot Dogs in Dallas

If I told you this gal’s last name, you would know she is not financially challenged. However, her lack of knowledge about good hot dogs in Dallas is deprived. She writes:

Nancy, I am in the mood for a real hot dog. Not a boiled on like the guy outside of Home Depot (YUCK!). Every time we go to New York I go to Nathan’s (YUM!) is there anything like that here?

Even though she used both “y” words, I think we should help her. Here are some links (HAH!) to several places we’ve hit: CostcoEddie’s. Wild About Harry’s. Double Dip Frozen Custard in Frisco.

26 comments on “Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Hot Dogs in Dallas

  1. Ummm, ANGRY DOG?! Next to the Nolan Ryan grilled hot dogs at the ballpark, Angry Dog is my favorite. :) Then Wild About Harry’s.

  2. Commissary, 1/4 pound Kobe beef dog loaded with chili/cheese/kraut/etc. makes other dogs look like puppies.

  3. Hot dogs are the new tacos. Mark my words.

    Who’s the fancy pants? Looking for Winspear Weiners? Schlegel Sausages? Hunt Dogs? Ford’s Franks? Cube’s Tube Steaks?

  4. I wish we had NY System Weiners…Rhode Island style hot dogs like Olneyville System. Veal/beef/pork hot dogs covered with a meat “gravy” (not chili), onions, mustard, celery salt.

  5. A number of Cinemark theaters use Eisenberg All Beef hot dogs out of Chicago cooked on roller grills. They even have sit down restaurants at some theaters that offer gourmet hot dogs like Chicago dogs on real poppyseed buns, Chili dogs, New York Sauerkraut dogs and a deep-fried bacon wrapped hot dog with guacamole and refried beans, but I forget the name of it.

  6. The Pour House in Lakewood. They’re always on the menu but on Sundays, you get their big fat juicy dog, covered with chili, cheese and onions for $2. And always – ALWAYS – get the fries. The best in town.

  7. There’s a place called “Chicago Hot Dogs” in that shopping center at Abrams and NWHwy. where the Aldi grocery is. Two Chicago friends (one and ex-cop and a dog expert) swears by it. I thought it was really good and inexpensive.

  8. The hot dog at Kenny’s Woodfired Grill is really good.

    The best I’ve found are the all beef dogs that Whole Foods makes in house. Since she’s loaded, surely one of her staff can grill them for her. Trick them up animal style, yum.

  9. I know who makes the best hot dog I’ve ever tried: Rudolph’s. Granted, you have to take it home, grill it, dress it, etc.

  10. @VRC – picked up 16 rudolph dogs last week and set up the grill before the Friday Rangers game at the ball park. They’re my go-to dog and sausage vendor in Dallas.

    Oh, and the “these are special rib eyes my friend” that I always get talked into.

  11. You are all wrong. Angry Dog is decent. The best hot dogs hands down is at Twisted Root Burger. IMO, they are better than their burgers. This is also why they cost $7.00/ea. I had the blue cheese and hot sauce, holy @#$.

  12. Mel’s Coney Island in Frisco/Little Elm – Chicago Dog with an extra sport pepper and that celery salt is delicious!

  13. May sound crazy, but get the hot dog at The Magnolia Theatre before you go in to see your movie. The buns are fresh (unheard of for theatres), and the dog itself has a great beefy taste. Wild About Harry’s also makes killer dogs.

  14. The Seoul Dog at LA Burger in Valley Ranch(yes VR) is amazing. fried kimchi and bulgogi. That is the only dog they have, but it must be experienced. Check the yelp reviews.