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Making Dallas Even Better

Tim Love’s New Woodshed Smokehouse Opening Soon

Hunk on the range, Tim Love, is poised to open Woodshed Smokehouse over near the zoo in Fort Worth. Bud Kennedy over at The Star Telegram has the skinny.
Launch window: late October.
Menu: six to eight meats per day.
Beers: 30, on tap.
Check out his coverage here.

  • Sous chef

    Will he cook,drink or never be there? Or all of the above

  • eat my cohorts

    this is precisely what our area food scene needs. a guy like Tim Love. he’s popular, marketable, written-about in national press but at the end of the day he’s a good guy and one of us.

    obviously i’d like to see something in Dallas at some point but i’ll live with what he’s got going in Ft Worth.

  • Katie M.

    Big fan of both Tim Love and Bud Kennedy. Great post.